I'm Not a Beauty Editor, But I Know Enough to Always Recommend These 21 Products

Editor beauty product recommendations



Full disclosure: I'm a fashion editor, but you could say that one of my passion projects is trying new beauty products. And luckily, Who What Wear gives me an avenue to do so from time to time. We have several incredible beauty editors on our staff, and I readily take their product advice (after all, they get to try every new release there is). I guess working with beauty editors has rubbed off on me, because sometimes people ask me for my best beauty product advice, and I gladly oblige.

Between my old favorites and the slew of new products I've tried recently, there are many in my rotation lately that I really need to tell someone about. I can speak to each of these 21 products from personal experience, and many are new, hot-off-the-press favorites of mine. I'm always open to trying the latest and greatest, as the ingredients and science behind beauty products continue to evolve.

With that, scroll to shop my current beauty favorites, and find out why I've been telling anyone who will listen about them.

This gel-cream blush is not only beautiful—it stays put all day and night. I've tried my fair share of dewy cream blushes, but I find that summer calls for something with a little extra grip. This is more like a stain, but more blendable. The shade Vibrant looks intense out of the tube but once you apply, you'll see how sheer and flattering it is.

"Peptides" may be a buzzword in beauty, but it's working for me. Sign me up. This light-as-air moisturizer has it all and does it all, including brightening, plumping, and hydrating. I'm careful not to use heavy moisturizers during the summer, but this one doesn't suffocate my skin, even on the hottest of days. 

A retinol product that my skin can tolerate makes me very happy, and once I started using this one, I was ecstatic. It's very gentle but the results are visible. My fine lines are noticeable fainter since I started using it. And I'm happy to say that this is the rare retinol that I could use every night without flakiness.

I love treating my lips to a lip mask overnight, but I don't love that gloopy feeling that accompanies most of them. This one isn't sticky and thick in the least, but I somehow wake up with hydrated, noticeably plumper lips. I also use it for daytime—it leaves a pretty, "I just ate a popsicle" tint.

Bold (but true) statement: This is the best hyaluronic acid product on the market. Not that I've tried them all, but I don't see how any could be better than this. It sinks in instantly but somehow plumps and hydrates skin all day. I love wearing it under makeup and my husband loves stealing it from me. Another home run from Alastin.

You know that blurred yet pigmented lip that French women do so well? This will get you that—I promise. This is why it keeps selling out. But it's your lucky day because one of the best shades is currently in stock: Cabo. It's an orangy red that magically looks good on everyone. It's perfect for summer but I plan on wearing it in the fall too.

Fun fact about me: I don't get enough sleep, but this actually makes me look like I do. It eradicates dark circles and puffiness and magically tightens the skin all around the eyes. Another Chantecaille winner that's worth every penny! 

Around once a week, I crave a powerful exfoliator that really brightens my complexion. It's usually this that I reach for. There's a reason estheticians, dermatologists, and beauty editors have been raving about them for years—they remedy a plethora of skin concerns in one quick swipe.

I get very excited for new Kosas arrivals because each is somehow even better than the last. This lip treatment is my latest obsession. I've only recently gotten into plumping lip products, but I've tried a lot of them in a short time. This one is at the top of my list, as it isn't sticky and tingly like many of the other plumpers on the market. The name is very accurate—your lips will look juicy.

The first product I tried from Eighth Day was its Regenerate Serum. It's incredible but also very expensive, so I was thrilled when the brand released this moisturizer for half the price of the serum. It uses its trademarked Peptide-Rich Plasma to deeply penetrate the skin and stimulate repair. It's a surprisingly lightweight formula, but you'll wake up with plump, glowing skin.

I hate most eyeliners but not this one. It's very pigmented but in sort of a smoky way—a rarity for most highly pigmented eyeliners. It's blendable and stays put all day—even when used on the waterline.

This provided the wildest experience I've had with a face mask to date—in a good way. Upon application, my face tightened up so much that I could barely even move it. But when I washed it off after 20 minutes, my face looked like it just had an hour-long, very expensive facial. It took years off of my skin, and I was admiring the aftereffects for days. I highly recommend splurging on it if you're going to a special event or something but don't have time for a facial.

Yes, 2022 has been the year of glossy lips, and I'm embracing it. This balmy gloss is one of my new favorites. Every shade that I've tried is gorgeous, but Mist is my favorite for everyday. It's incredibly dewy and it stays on for a lot longer than you'd expect. 

The most important things when it comes to hairdryers are that it's fast, lightweight, and cuts frizz while adding shine. This one does all of that and more, plus it's very aesthetically pleasing, as you can see.

I started prioritizing "neckcare" a couple of years ago and have never looked back. It may just seem like yet another thing to have to buy but trust me—it's important. Especially since we're constantly looking down at our phones, our necks can quickly lose their elasticity and develop lines. This combats that with a cocktail of collagen-boosting ingredients (plus, it's more affordable than many other neck products on the market).

If you've caught wind of this new sunscreen, the rumors are true—it sinks right in and isn't sticky in the least. A lot of brands say their sunscreen won't make your makeup slide around, but I haven't found that to always be the case. It is with this one. In fact, it makes my skin look better (aka plumper and softer) while providing sun protection.

I could write an entire story about all of the Sunday Riley products I recommend, but this one would be named first. Before discovering this, I'd yet to find another retinol eye cream that doesn't cause my delicate under-eye area to flake, but I can say for certain that this one doesn't. I've been using it regularly and my crow's-feet have fewer feet now.

I don't usually love non-foaming face washes, but Osea's is a definite exception. It actually makes my face feel clean and look bright but never tight. It's also gently exfoliating, which I love since I can't use an actual exfoliator every day—but I can use this daily!

Speaking of exfoliators, this is one of my go-to's ever since its release. I've loved every single Shani Darden product I've tried, and this one has lived up to my high expectations. I use it on nights when my skin is looking dull and could use a boost, and it even smooths out little bumpy patches that I get from time to time. My skin tends to be dry and sensitive but this doesn't irritate it in the least.

I recently ordered this on a whim (I'm not a big self-tanner user), and I think I'm hooked. I use the minimum number of recommended drops before going to bed and wake up with the most natural-looking glow. And I love that it hydrates while bronzing.

I find that many "matte" air-dry products that promise beachy waves dry out my hair, but not this one. I apply a dollop after blowdrying my hair halfway and it leaves me with natural, non-crunchy waves for days. Thank you for another epic product, Oribe.