My Mum Looks 10 Years Younger Than She Is—This Is the Product She Swears By

When I was a child in the '90s, I always saw my mum as being "old." She wasn't. In fact, being 38 when I was born, she was far from it. But in my mind, she was way older than the other mums at my school, and so, to my pre-pubescent self, she was neither cool nor youthful. Thirty years on, however, I now look at my mum—who is now approaching 70—and only see how radiant and bright she looks.

The most frustrating thing though is that whenever I've asked my mum about the products she likes or I give her products to try she'll say, "You know me, Kesh. I only like oils." And it's true. She's not a huge beauty lover like I am—I'm a true magpie when it comes to trying all the latest buzzy ingredients. In contrast, ever since I can remember my mum has hinged her beauty routine on a plethora of oils for her hair, skin and body care. Every day, she plucks oils from her shelf and incorporates them into her routine (which is enviably simple) and this is what she swears by for her beautiful skin.


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As I've grown older and my interest in beauty rituals and routines has ramped up, I've added more oils into my own regime and have really noticed the difference they make. Everything just feels more soft and supple. In skincare, it's an excellent finishing step to lock in the ingredients from your serums and moisturisers and applying some to your body as soon as you step out of the shower will result in sustained hydration.


(Image credit: @keeksreid)

In fact, because my mum loves beauty oils so much I tend to give her the ones that I'm sent to test out. After all, who better to let me know if they're actually any good? Luckily, she's finally ready to let me know what her absolute favourites are and the products that she repurchases time after time.

Keep scrolling for the nine best beauty oils that my mum uses on rotation.