5 Random Summer Trends I'm Already Stocking Up On

It's spring 2020, and just like the rest of you, I have spent a majority of it indoors due to the current state of our world. Does that mean I have given up all hope of brighter days outdoors to come? No, I have not. Since a large portion of my job involves looking ahead, sartorially at least, I figured there was no harm in sharing with you all of the random summer trends that have me so excited I'm stocking up on them regardless of when I will be soaking up the sun somewhere other than my backyard. 

The summer trend shopping guide ahead includes a variety of styles I feel are newer to the scene and therefore might seem a tad random. But I promise you, they are trends that will only continue to increase in popularity as time goes on. So if you're in the mood to do some summer shopping, start here. 

Cool Corsetry

Lingerie is a major trend for both spring and summer, and I have a feeling that it will get a tad spicier come summer thanks to the corset-top influx I've seen on most of my favorite retailers. 

All Tied Up

I love this trend so much I wrote an entire story about it. I find this nuanced crisscross detail so fun, and it clearly makes any item of clothing that much more interesting. 

Wearable Crafts



This photo is proof (because it's me) that I meant what I said in the title. I really am already stocking up on these trends. I just got this Wald Berlin smiley face pearl necklace and really haven't taken it off. It sparked my interest in this crafty-jewelry movement, and I haven't looked back. 

Black for Summer



Black for summer is pretty much exactly how it sounds—cool pieces of summer-ready clothing in none other than everyone's favorite color, black. Since warm-weather clothing tends to come in hues a tad softer, the rise of black this summer feels cooler and fresher than ever before. 

'90s Footing



Last but not least, I bring you my obsession with '90s footwear. By Far definitely does some of the best '90s-inspired shoes around, but look hard enough, and you'll be able to spot a wide variety everywhere from Zara to Revolve too.