These & Other Stories and Topshop Items Are Fashion With a Capital F

If you've been paying close attention, you'll know I've already done similar "Fashion With a Capital F" stories on H&M and Mango as well as Nordstrom and Shopbop. Next on the docket: & Other Stories and Topshop. I picked these two brands because I think they're both adept at taking major trends and translating them to wearable pieces at reasonable prices. What more could you ask for? 

Instead of including cornerstone closet pieces like white tees and skinny jeans, I chose the below items because they have a much more on-trend spin. Sometimes it's as simple as a cool cutout or a fun print—other times, it's a full-on statement coat. But one thing's for sure: every piece below has something special about it. Scroll down to shop my favorite clothes from & Other Stories and Topshop. 

Is cow print the new leopard print? Only time will tell. 

This shape reminds me of the Swedish brand Toteme. 

Give your tee a break and try a sultry corset. 

This straight-leg cut is a lot more comfortable than ultra-skinny leather pants.

Fashion people are obsessed with relaxed suits right now. 

This looks like two pieces but is actually one adorable dress. 

You can never go wrong with a leopard coat. 

Cutouts are going to be everywhere in 2021.

A posh pencil skirt in a badass faux crocodile print is such a fab combination. 

Fringe is another runway trend that will be huge for spring 2021. 

I love how this corset is styled with jeans for a high-low mix. 

Chunky loafers are all over Instagram right now. 

The fashion crowd is all about leather separates right now. If you're feeling bold, you could match this jacket with leather pants. 

This is as cozy as it is stylish. What more could you ask for? 

This lilac color is such a fun and refreshing shade for winter. 

It bears repeating: the fashion crowd are in love with relaxed blazers and trousers. 

This beautiful coat looks way more expensive than it really is.