Thought You Should Know, This Nostalgic-Smelling Bodycare Collection Is All I've Been Using

Tamara Mory

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I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say that I love indulging in a sweet treat or two. While I do at least try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum most days, that notion completely goes out the window once spring rolls around. Why, you ask?

The answer is simple—Girl Scout Cookie season. I probably don't need to say more than that, but for those who grew up eating and even selling these babies, you know how deliciously lethal they are. Luckily for us, natural deodorant, haircare, and bodycare brand Native decided to, quite literally, bottle the buttery, crumbly goodness of a Girl Scout Cookie. The brand released a limited-edition collaboration with the Girl Scouts, and it features deodorant, bodywash, shampoo, and conditioner scents inspired by the Scouts' most iconic cookie flavors including Samoas, Thin Mints, Trefoils, and Do-si-dos. When I tell you I jumped at the chance to sample these… I was a Girl Scout myself as a kid, so these scents brought back a ton of good memories. Not only is this collection fun and cute, but as a bonus, it's really affordable. Everything is under the $15 mark. If you too love smelling like a flaky, delicious cookie right out of the shower, keep scrolling and browse the collection!

The Samoa Collection

The Thin Mint Collection

The Trefoils Collection

The Lemon Collection

The Peanut Butter Collection

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