My Sister Asked Why My Skin Looked So Good—The Answer Was This $6 Soothing Sheet Mask

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Who What Wear Deep Reviews: Honestly I Love It: ESW Beauty Sheet Masks

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As a beauty editor, I take care of my skin very well. I religiously double-cleanse my skin at night, apply a variety of potent serums depending on the day and my skin's needs, and seal it all in with moisturizer. Each morning, I apply a vitamin C serum and a healthy slathering of sunscreen. I even wear hats and sunglasses when I'm in the sun and seek shade whenever possible. Still, I'm human, and I have skin concerns. First and foremost, I struggle with redness from a mild case of rosacea. That comes with irritation and texture issues (how fun). I also experience dehydration regularly. Whenever my skin lacks water like this, my fine lines and surface wrinkles look deep and defined.

To reiterate, even though I'm a beauty editor and I'm constantly testing, applying, and researching skincare products, I still sometimes struggle with my own skin issues. So, you can imagine how overjoyed I was when my very blunt and not-one-to-spare-my-feelings sister complimented my skin. It wasn't just any compliment either. She said, and I quote, "Wait, why does your skin look so good? You're glowing."

The only thing I could attribute it to was a little $7 sheet mask I'd used the night before. I wanted to test the theory so I waited a week and used it again. This time, my boyfriend complimented me. "Your skin looks nice." He was right. My skin looked calm, smooth, bright, and hydrated. I knew I had found my new skincare secret weapon. Since then, I've been slowly but surely stocking up on them.

Beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock before and after using ESW Beauty sheet mask

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Every time I use an ESW Beauty sheet mask, my skin looks so much more glowy. In the "before" picture, I was dealing with some dehydration, which is why my skin looked dull and flat. Cut to the "after" picture, and my complexion is noticeably more dimensional—it's brighter, fresher, and dewier.

ESW Beauty sheet mask benefits

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As I mentioned before, there are multiple variations of these sheet masks, and each one is designed to be used for a specific skin type/concern. They all have a couple of things in common, though. First, they feel nice and cool on the skin, which can help de-puff and soothe irritation. Second, they're intensely hydrating just because, well, they're sheet masks, and they trap hydrating ingredients close to the surface. As for the specific benefits listed above, they're exclusive to the Pineapple Bliss Revitalizing Raw Juice Mask. Let's go over them, shall we?

First up, we have pineapple enzymes. These provide gentle enzymatic exfoliation for smooth skin. Then, there are kiwi and pear extracts, which provide anti-aging and skin-protecting antioxidants. Finally, there's ginger, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. That explains why the sheet mask soothed my skin and reduced redness literally within 15 minutes of wearing it.

ESW Beauty raw juice sheet masks spread out on a marble counter

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Here are the masks that are included in the set:

Green Reset Anti-Aging Raw Juice Mask
Pineapple Bliss Revitalizing Raw Juice Mask
The Pink Dream Moisturizing Raw Juice Mask
Strawberries & Cream Soothing Raw Juice Mask
Deep Detox Pore Control Raw Juice Mask

ESW plant based milk masks spread out on a marble counter

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Here are the five masks that are included in the set:

Blueberry Coconut Milk Firming Plant-Based Milk Mask
Vanilla Oat Milk Nourishing Plant-Based Milk Mask
Matcha Almond Milk Radiance Plant-Based Milk Mask
Avocado Banana Milk Hydrating Plant-Based Milk Mask

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