Pamela Anderson's Beauty Journal Is About to Go Viral—She Gave Us the First Look

At present, I'm watching Pamela Anderson quite literally radiate from my computer screen. She recently posted her very first skincare Reel in honor of her brand Sonsie's first birthday, gracing us all with a coveted glimpse into her everyday beauty routine. Drenched in buttery morning light, Anderson glides the brand's Super Serum across her cheeks before sealing in all that hydration with its Multi Moisture Mask. A swipe of lip balm (another Sonsie winner), and she's all set—a beautifully simple regimen for a woman who is beautifully, unapologetically herself.

The Reel immediately went viral, garnering 20 million views and over 15,000 polarizing comments on her bare-faced appearance. Anderson doesn't engage. She's used to this discourse, having been scrutinized by the public since she first became a Playboy Playmate in the late '80s. Initially, the model and Baywatch star was chided for being too "done up" and sultry, but now, it seems she's coming under fire for not "doing enough" with her look. It's an infuriating paradox, if not a familiar one: Anderson is a living, breathing example of the insurmountable beauty standards women face. And today, she's speaking up.

In this morning's edition of her Open Journal newsletter (which you can now find on Substack), Anderson shares how she (not her fans, not her haters, not anyone else but Anderson) defines beauty. She gave Who What Wear an exclusive first look at the entry, which feels like an intimate peek to her subconscious. As a reader, Anderson invites you on a journey in which she jots down her musings on beauty in real time.

It's unfiltered, raw, and intentionally open-ended. Anderson chooses not to wrap up her thoughts in a neat little bow, granting them the freedom to evolve as she undoubtedly will—I'd say there's nothing more beautiful than that.

Pamela Anderson for The Open Journal. Photography by Liz Rosa

(Image credit: The Open Journal, photography by Liz Rosa)

Pamela Anderson's Definition of Beauty

The lotus…

To be sincere… coming from a woman who has always floated between the verge of losing or finding herself… a chaotic, romantic and emotional choice.

What is Beauty?…

Freedom from the grasp of peer pressure… trueness… a metamorphosis… it's in our own hands – the butterfly… an inner beauty comes racing, rushing to the surface, we've arrived… and fleeting youth can be forgiven, mourned and a new set of treasures befriend us…

It may take us a few years of a kind of cultivated loneliness, painful and revealing… but, it's worth it to rediscover who we are, a personal excavation… and, this is where we decide, a cross roads… will we chase youth?… live in the moment? or… just live as we truly are no matter our past choices, deviant ideas of who we are or were… mistakes made… we are here… we are alive and even better than before… we have wisdom, interesting things to share and talk about – we are powerful… and we can forgive ourselves and others… while it all went by so fast.

We have been touched by life – we've been to galleries and museums and have seen more of the world… we have been heartbroken and survived.

“And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.”

- John Steinbeck, East of Eden

A blessing.

Time to focus on where we left off, before relationships, before kids, after assimilating trauma and maybe even a little therapy… devoured a few books, film and art…

We are in place of mystery still, there is no end… discovering beauty through a new lens… has been the greatest gift…

I wish you tenderness on your journey and a good sense of humor. It is effortless aging… might as well enjoy the ride.

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Jamie Schneider
Senior Beauty Editor

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