I Don't Have Time for High-Maintenance Holiday Hairstyles—8 Easy Ones I'll Be Trying This Summer

Holiday hairstyles

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When it comes to prepping and packing for a summer holiday I’m always optimistically full of inspiration. Outfit ideas, makeup looks, and hairstyles fill my Pinterest boards and Instagram Saved folders as I plan exactly what to wear and how to style my hair for each occasion on my itinerary.

The reality, of course, is that I wear the same outfit (bikini, cut offs, oversized linen shirt), go makeup-free (blame the heat!), and end up rotating between my go-to low maintenance holiday hairstyles. I know I’m not the only one—when you have a packed schedule and the weather isn’t what you (or your hair) is used to, it’s so much easier to opt for the quick and simple options.

When it comes to holiday hairstyles I’m all about those which require minimal time, minimal products, and minimal effort. Scroll down to discover my go-to summer-proof hairstyles.

The Best Holiday Hairstyles For Summer 2024:

1. French Plait

Holiday hairstyles

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Granted, a French plait isn't the easiest of hairstyles to do on yourself, but practice beforehand or enlist the help of a friend or boyfriend and you'll have a style that lasts (and looks good) from beach to bar.

2. Slicked-Back Bun

Holiday hairstyles

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Getting my hair out of my face is my top prerogative when the weather is hot and I know I'm going to spend the day constantly spraying my face with SPF. In addition, a slicked-back bun hides all manner of haircare sins, so if you're too tired to wash your hair, this is a great style to fall back on.

3. Air-Dried Waves

Holiday hairstyles

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Perhaps the easiest style of them all. If the weather is hot and you know your hair will dry quickly then of course you'd rather spend half an hour doing so on the balcony (feat. Lays and a refreshing drink) than inside with a run-down hotel hairdryer.

4. Half-Up Half-Down

Holiday hairstyles

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I always forget just how windy beaches are, even in the heat. A half-up half-down hairstyle is the perfect way to showcase longer lengths while keeping errant strands away from your face.

5. Elasticated Headband

Holiday hairstyles

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Elasticated headbands are easy to come by no matter where you are in the world. They're another effective method for keeping hair away from your face and for hiding greasy roots. Win, win.

6. Twisted Up-Do

Holiday hairstyles

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When I'm on holiday, making sure my hair looks neat and tidy is the last thing I'm concerned with. This one is great for getting hair off your back and shoulders in the heat—plus a messy bun or quick twist can still look super chic.

7. Wet-Look Effect

Holiday hairstyles

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Whether intentional or not, a wet-look finish is the ultimate summer holiday hairstyle.

8. Claw Clip Up-Do

Holiday hairstyles

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9. Twists


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For textured hair, consider twists as an alternative to braids.

If I'm having a slow day lounging by the pool you can pretty much guarantee that my hair will be up in a claw clip style. So quick, so easy, and still on trend.

The Best Products for Holiday Hair:

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