I'm Taking All My Summer Hair Inspo From French Women—8 Elevated Ideas I've Saved

Summer may bring joy to our lives (in the form of vitamin D, lighter evenings, and warmer temperatures), but it also creates more obstacles when it comes to our beauty routines. For hair, in particular, heat and humidity can mean you need to switch up your go-to hair style (or even hair cut) for something that can withstand the effects of hot weather.

French girl summer hair

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So, how exactly does one style their hair for summer in a way that is both practical and looks good? The trick, as always, is to look to French women for inspiration. Scroll down for eight achievable ways to style your hair this summer.

1. Micro Bob

French girl summer hair

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Okay, you could style your hair in an up-do if you want to keep it off your shoulders during hot weather, but if you've already been considering 'the chop', now's the time. A micro-bob is not only effortless to style but about as heatproof as a hairstyle can be.

2. Bun with Oversized Scrunchie

French girl summer hair

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A bun is an obvious go-to for summer—keeping hair away from your face and reducing any potential for frizz and fluffiness to occur. Add an oversized scrunchie for a summer 2024 upgrade.

3. Twisted Undo

French girl summer hair

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A simple twist is yet another French girl-approved way to style long hair during summer weather. Just twist hair into a loose bun and pin in place.

4. Low Pony with Baseball Cap

French girl summer hair

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Baseball caps can hide all manner of haircare sins if hot weather means you're likely to experience greasy roots or unwanted flyaways. Plus, they provide sun protection to both the scalp and the face. Win, win.

5. Layered Curls

French girl summer hair

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If you simply want to try something new and freshen up your hair style for summer, but don't want to go for a drastic cut—consider adding in some layers. If your hair is curly, they'll totally transform the shape and add movement.

6. Sleek Waves

French girl summer hair

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Humidity = flyaways, no matter what your hair type or length. Armed with a good pair of straighteners and a lightweight hair oil, you can smooth your hair into a sleek style and add some waves in the process.

7. Choppy Layers

French girl summer hair

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Give long, straight hair a summer upgrade by asking your hairstylist to add in more layers at your next appointment. Face-framing layers in particular will work well with up-dos as well.

8. Parted Fringe

French girl summer hair

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A blocky full fringe never fares well in hot weather. Instead, as your fringe grows out, style it with a parting to keep it off your forehead during warm weather.

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