If You Want Baby-Soft Skin This Summer, You Need This Underrated Beauty Tool

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RoseSkinCo Laser Hair Removal
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Let's get TMI for a sec. In my quest for smooth skin, I've tried nearly every method of hair removal: constant shaving, time-consuming plucking, painful waxing, and even expensive laser hair removal. It's 2024, so there has to be a better way, right? Spoiler: There is. It's the Lumi Permanent Hair Removal Device from RoseSkinCo. It's like laser hair removal, but it's more affordable, way easier, and safe to do during your at-home self-care night. This magical tool permanently stops hair growth everywhere including your underarms, legs, face, and bikini area. It only takes three to four weeks to see results, and after six to 12 weeks, you'll have smooth, baby-soft skin. (You can thank me later.) Keep scrolling to shop this miracle beauty tool and more must-haves for the best skin of your life.

Emma Walsh
Associate Beauty Editor, Branded Content

Emma is an associate beauty editor of branded content. She’s a passionate writer who loves all things beauty, wellness, and personal growth. Before pursuing writing, she worked in influencer marketing at Gallery Media Group, which owns digital brand PureWow. She lives in New York City, where you can usually find her running to a Pilates class or sipping on a green juice in the park.