Celebrities Recommend Beauty Products to Me on a Weekly Basis—22 I Now Swear By

If you had told me, as a middle schooler, that I would one day be living in L.A., writing about beauty (my forever favorite topic since I discovered lipstick at the age of 5), and interviewing celebrities for a living, I probably wouldn't have believed you. Or I would have screamed out of pure excitement. That said, here I am! I feel pretty dang lucky to have ended up working my dream job here at Who What Wear, and yes, one (of the many) parts of my career I absolutely love is chatting with very cool celebrities on a weekly basis. 

Most of the time, said conversations are dedicated to our ongoing interview series called Unfiltered, where members of the A-list share their routines, tips, and must-have beauty staples with us. Obviously, I recommend following along each month and reading all of our past profiles here, but just ahead, I'm bringing you a bite-size portion of their intel all in one place. So out of the hundreds of products personally recommended to me by celebrities, how many have I actually started using as a direct result? To be exact, 22, and I'm sharing each and every one below, along with a direct quote from the celeb who loves it. Keep scrolling, grab your credit card, and enjoy!

"I've been using cleansing handcuffs. You know when you wash your face in the sink and the water drips down your arms? For me, that's like stepping in water with socks. It's the most annoying feeling. So I use these cuffs, which I love and I can travel with as well." — Karrueche Tran

"So every morning, I use U Beauty’s The Barrier Bioactive Treatment ($198)—you can use it as a mask or a moisturizer, and the formula is inspired by the immortal jellyfish, and it basically reverses aging in your skin. It’s really, really amazing technology." — Paris Hilton

"I’m a huge fan of Dr. Barbara Sturm's skincare line, so I would absolutely make sure to apply her Sun Drops ($145) before I leave—because sunscreen AF." — Nathalie Emmanuel

"I’ve only been religiously using SPF for the last couple of years—I wish I could say I was diligent about it growing up—but I always use SPF. There’s this one by EltaMD that is good for breakout-prone skin which I love. It doesn’t clog my pores; it’s just really great." — Lucy Hale

"There’s a really good vitamin C serum from SkinCeuticals called Silymarin CF that’s similar to C E Ferulic but is specifically meant for breakout-prone skin. I find that with any products I use, I try to go the oil-free route, so with vitamin C serums, it can get a little tricky since so many of them are oil-based. But that’s a really good one that I’ve found." — Hale

"Almay has a mascara in a teal tube called Length & Lift, and it’s SO good. I’m really picky about mascaras and the brushes, and this just has the perfect brush." — Hale

"Almay also makes this great eyeliner, which really stays put. They’re great for sensitive eyes, and I mean, normally I’m not a huge eyeliner person, but I do like to use it to rim my upper waterline. They have this really beautiful brown color called Deep Chestnut." — Hale

"[I wear] Clinique Pop Reds Lipstick in Red-Handed ($20)! But what Clinique does, which is just so smart, is they match your lip color to your foundation so that it is the perfect red for your skin tone. Because that’s the hardest thing! A red can look amazing on someone else, and then you try it on, and it doesn’t work." — Emilia Clarke

"When it comes to successfully tanning that hard part on your back that you feel like you can’t quite get to, I just spray the St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist ($30) back there, too. Like, loads and loads and loads of sprays, and it will tan your back!" — Ashley Graham

"I do one longer nighttime routine once a week, and the big treatment I do is Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. Sukari Baby Facial AHA + BHA Mask ($80)—obsessed. It's so, so good, but I only do it once a week because I have pretty sensitive skin." — Tan France

"In the morning, I shower, and then I use Tata Harper’s Regenerating Exfoliating Cleanser ($44). It’s gorgeous." — France

"I wake up every morning, I take the dogs out, I take a shower, and then I love to go to my mini fridge and get my rose quartz gua sha and my Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum ($75). The combination feels so cool and nice, and then with the serum on, I just massage my face for as long as I can until it isn't cold anymore. You can really feel the serum penetrate your skin—it gets nice and pink, the blood and circulation are flowing, and it's really, really nice. It helps me wake up!" — Ana de Armas

"I really loved my beauty look from the 2018 Victoria’s Secret fashion show. I thought it was really cool. And, fun fact, I was wearing foundation from my face all the way down to my legs. Mario Dedivanovic did my makeup, and he used Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick ($48) all over my legs, and it was incredible. Now I do it all the time. You take the stick and you kind of melt it in your hands. You can even mix it with a little lotion if you want lighter coverage, but I personally like it heavier, especially for award shows or events when I want more of an airbrushed effect. You literally break a piece of the foundation stick off, you melt it in your hands a bit, and then you just really have to go in there for a second on your legs. It legit makes your skin look airbrushed!" — Bebe Rexha

"I have a  good-luck charm that I always bring on set with me. It’s Dior's Backstage Rosy Glow Blush ($37). It is the most amazing blush color, it works on every skin tone, it’s so pretty, and I just love it. For application, I add it to the top of my cheekbones, and then I go around the eye and even somewhat underneath the eye. It’s this really cool way to lift the face upward, almost like a mini face-lift. It’s kind of incredible!" — Rexha

"I love moisturizing my body. I do it religiously twice a day. If I’m feeling really adventurous and crazy, I’ll do coconut oil, which my skin responds really well to. So it's that, or I'll do a body butter. I’ve been using one from Diptyque, and oh my god, it smells amazing." — Priyanka Chopra Jonas

"After I cleanse, I apply Ole Henriksen’s Balancing Force Oil Control Toner. I’m really oily, so I try to prevent the oil from popping up because that makes me break out." — Saweetie

"I definitely have my little essentials that I use if I have to quickly look presentable. […] When I’m stopped at a traffic light, I always finish with Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Shadow Pencil in Amethyst Aphrodisiac." — Rebel Wilson

"After serum, I’ll go in with moisturizer—I use the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel ($26). I’ve used this stuff for years—my boyfriend uses it, my brother uses it, my dad uses it." — Lana Condor

"It doesn’t even matter if you’re a clean-beauty enthusiast or not. This mascara is dope. You don’t get clumpy lashes, and it really makes it look like you have extensions—thick, fluffy lashes, which is what I always strive for. I’m a lash girl, so I’m all about that one!" — Jessica Alba

"As far as supplements, I've been really into products from The Beauty Chef. I love adding the Hydration or Collagen Boosts to my water. Its Glow Inner Beauty Powder is also really great for the skin."  — Naomi Watts

"I have super-sensitive skin, so I don’t have many scrubs or scented body lotions. I like using Dove’s Body Wash for Sensitive Skin—I have a giant tub of it in my shower." — Sydney Sweeney

"[Healthy skin] is all about hydration! Even on days when I’m really tired, I make sure that, at the very least, I wash my face and put on a hydrating moisturizer. I really like IS Clinical's Reparative Moisture Emulsion." — Lais Ribeiro