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Say hello to Unfiltered, a fresh, new beauty series where you’ll get an exclusive glimpse into the dressed-down beauty routines of our favorite celebrities. They’ll reveal their guilty-pleasure beauty practices, the five-minute routine product lineup they can’t live without, the one good-skin tip they’ll be forever thankful for, and so much more. To bring every conversation full circle, we ask each celebrity to send us a selection of self-shot, filter-free photos of their choosing to capture the essence of their Unfiltered beauty philosophy. 

Up next, we’re getting to know rapper, singer, and songwriter Saweetie, whose debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, will be released later this year. (Psst! She's also the newest brand ambassador for beloved nail polish brand SinfulColors.) As a fellow product junkie and beauty enthusiast, she’s answering all of our rapid-fire questions and sharing her best-kept beauty secrets below. Enjoy!


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If you had to leave the house in five minutes, what are a few staple beauty products you’d apply?

I am definitely putting on some lip gloss. I love my Icy Lips by Saweetie ($9) collection with Morphe—they make your lips look so succulent and juicy. If my nails are chipped, I’m using SinfulfulColors’ Press On Claws Manicures ($2) because they are so easy to put on. I’m using my baby-hair products—Kiss’s Edge Fixer Glued ($6). I’m putting on some Black Girl Sunscreen ($16) to protect the skin. And, you know, if I’m in a hurry and just have to run around town, people laugh at me, but I actually use Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist ($28) as perfume.

On days when you’re not working or you’re just staying in, what does your skin routine look like both morning and night?

Honestly, it changes all the time. An esthetician once told me to mix and match and not to exclusively just use one entire line. That’s stuck with me, and it actually really works for my skin. In the morning, I’ll use something light like Glow Recipe’s Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser ($34) or Tatcha’s The Rice Wash Skin-Softening Cleanser ($35). After I’m done with that, I apply Ole Henriksen’s Balancing Force Oil Control Toner ($29). I’m really oily, so I try to prevent the oil from popping up because that makes me break out. And then after that, I might use… Oh! This stuff is really good. Every time I put this on, people think I just had a facial. So after I tone, I use the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil ($72) with Glow Recipe’s Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream ($39) layered on top. I’m a glow girl! 

At night, I love Farmacy’s Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm ($34). It just slides all my makeup off. Once my face is all clean, I’ll use Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser ($38). But if I want something really rough to just completely knock off whatever is happening on my face, I’ll use Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion ($41). I really like to use that because like I said, I’m oily, so by the end of the day my makeup will sometimes just start to feel really nasty on my face. This really helps get all of that off.

We have to touch on music. What do you put on when you’re getting ready and what’s on tap when you’re winding down for the evening? 

When I’m getting ready, I’m definitely listening to Pretty Bitch Music, and when I’m winding down, I love me some Alicia Keys, some Jhené Aiko, some H.E.R., some Brent Faiyaz. Just something that’s really soothing.


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You’re the new brand ambassador for SinfulColors. What’s exciting to you about this partnership, in particular?

Well, I’m a nail girl! So I think it just makes so much sense for my brand. And I’ve actually been wearing SinfulColors since I was like 14 years old, so this is nothing new to me! I used to wear one hand pink and one hand turquoise. I just think it’s so cool that everything has really come full circle.

I read in an interview that you get a lot of beauty inspiration from Pinterest. What kind of nail looks would we find on your mood boards right now?

Honestly, everything! I don’t have just one type of look that I’m interested in. I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration because it just really opens up the world of beauty. You’re able to see what other people like and get inspired. Right now, it’s just a mishmash of crystals, abstract designs, cartoon art, just hella different things I want to try.

What has your nail evolution been like? Has your taste changed over the years or does it just depend on what’s happening in your life or career?

I’ve always been super creative with my nails, and my look really just depends on my mood. I actually used to do nails back in college! I could only put acrylics on my left hand [laughs], but I used to practice on all of my friends and cousins. I’ve just always been really into nail art and designs.

Do you have any game-changing nail or manicure tips?

Make sure you steam your nails and hands when you’re removing anything or cleaning up your nails. Always just steam your skin so it’s nice and soft and ready to get cleaned out. It makes such a difference and your acrylics will come off a lot easier!


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If you had to choose three favorite products from your collab with SinfulColors, what would they be?

I definitely love my Boss Up Claws in Totally Tortoise—the black-and-caramel print is just really cute. It’s sassy but still subtle, and it will easily match with a lot of outfits. That actually segues into my very favorite, which is the Essenchills Nail Polish in Coffee Drip ($2). It goes with everything, it looks really good on my skin tone, and the coffee scent makes it smell amazing. Hmm, and then for a third favorite, it’s really tough. I would say the Essenchills Nail Polish in Low-Key Lavender ($2) because it’s soothing and I work so much. Haha, If I need quick stress relief I can just smell my nails!

In addition to nails, do you have any "guilty pleasure” beauty practices or products?

Oh my gosh, girl… I mean, this is nasty, but I like cleaning out my own whiteheads and blackheads. I have this amazing tool that’s shaped like a hook that really helps get everything out, so that’s definitely a guilty pleasure. 

Oh gosh, I do the same thing. It’s gross but so satisfying.

So satisfying!

Is there anything else about your beauty routine that would surprise people?

Well, I use at least four to five products every single time I wash my face. Let me see… I use micellar water, facial cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum, and face lotion. So that’s about six different things. I love stacking things on top of each other. So I do use quite a few products on my face.

What’s your Unfiltered beauty philosophy in seven words or less?

Okay [laughs], this is more than seven words, but… Wash your face and brush your teeth before you go to sleep!

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