I've Found These 18 Beauty Essentials Weirdly Enhance My Outfit—Let Me Explain



It's 2019, and both beauty and fashion feel like a united front. If our beauty vibe feels off, so too does our outfit—and vice versa. Therefore, it's not all too surprising we're becoming increasingly aware of how our beauty and fashion M.O.s influence one another.

Or in my personal case, how certain random beauty products instantly make me feel way more put-together and on point for whatever the day has in store. On separate occasions, I've found both matte, brick red lipstick and glitter-gilded lids to play well with my collection of leather (be it booties, skirts, or jackets), and even my favorite pair of jeans have less pep in their step when I don't have shimmering, healthy strands cascading down toward them. Am I making sense?

After consulting with my roomie and fellow beauty editor here at Who What Wear, Amanda Montell, we came to the unanimous conclusion that there are certain beauty-enhancing staples in our overwhelming product hoard that have proven to be just as outfit-enhancing, so we thought we'd share all of our data. Ahead, see 18 products that instantly enhance our beauty and fashion game. 

Statement Lips That Actually Feel Wearable

Red lips are tricky. They instantly make us feel like we can take on the world, or at the very least, a 9 a.m. Monday morning meeting. The caveat? All too often, formulas leave us with dehydrated, wrinkly, smeared lips hours (or even minutes) later. This cult-classic formula from Tatcha, however, doesn't. Both Amanda and I agree it's the perfect shade of red (not too blue, not too orange), lasts all day, and keeps our pouts hydrated, plump, and photo-ready—regardless of how long ago we swiped.

Like a daring hue of red, matte lips can be another tricky venture, and I typically stay away thanks to how chap-prone my lips are. This is the only matte lipstick I've ever loved and the brooding brick-red hue instantly makes whatever I'm wearing look 100% chicer. My go-to pairing is a tank, dark-wash jeans, and a leather jacket. Plus, minimalists rejoice: This lippie actually doubles as a creamy blush.

If you have no time or patience for daring colors or finishes when it comes to your lip game, look no further than Tarte's whimsical collection of sheer tinted balms. Though there are eight equally flattering hues to choose from, we love this perfect hit of nude that blends seamlessly into your natural lip color while flooding lips with a wash of dewy hydration. Miraculously, it lasts all day.

Oils That Make Your Strands Sparkle

I get that a hair product promising shine and smoothness sounds a little OTT, but trust me when I say that I pretty much refuse to go out in public without a few healthy spritzes of this new launch from R+Co. It's chock-full of health-boosting, reparative ingredients like prickly pear, baobab, and sea buckthorn, and leaves even the most parched of strands with a light fairy dusting of shimmer. Its magic works equally on all hair textures and colors, and I even love spritzing it on my chest and shoulders pre-night out. (It's just that glowy.)

Between its amazing scent (think black coconut, orange blossom, sandalwood, and Pacific musk) and the radiantly shiny results it imparts, this ritualistic hair oil from beloved all-natural haircare brand Playa is everything your hair is craving this winter. And if you're one to play outdoors regardless of season, fear not—this mix acts as a natural UV protected thanks to lycopene extracted from tomatoes. We're not kidding.

Typically we think of hair oils being applied after we've washed (on damp and dry strands alike), but this brilliant salve from luxe French brand Leonor Greyl targets your hair's stubborn problem areas pre-shampoo. The result: super-strong strands that boast a ridiculous ratio of gloss and luster. It also just so happens to smell like heaven in a bottle. And everyone knows that as long as your hair smells amazing, you can pretty much conquer the world.

Elixirs That Give You Barbie Skin

And by "Barbie skin," we mean a radiant, airbrushed finish that would make even a trash bag look chic AF. (Seriously, great skin days are just as powerful as good hair days.) For the face, we swear by this other-worldly setting powder from under-the-radar brand Stellar which keeps makeup in place without a hint of matte or flatness. (Adjectives that usually accompany the majority of setting powders we try, FYI.) Whenever Amanda wears it, I can't stop obsessing over—and complimenting—her skin.

I've tried a billion body bronzers since I first discovered this iconic tube back in college, and honestly, nothing has ever compared. First of all, it smells amazing and the compliments come fast and furious whenever I've slathered myself from head to toe. Second, it instantly gifts the skin with subtle luminosity, body-blurring perks, and the most believable of glow to flatter every single skin tone. It's my best-kept secret for looking like I have flawless skin at all times. Spoiler: so not the case. Oh, and it will make you and your legs look ridiculously photogenic in photos. If you plan on showing off your legs anytime soon, it's a no-brainer outfit pairing.

ICYMI, I'm a little bit of a self-tanning expert and have tried almost every formula out there. And, this new one from Bali Body is—by far—one of the very best I've ever tried. It applies amazingly smoothly, doesn't smell horrible, dries quickly, looks natural, lasts forever, and fades phenomenally. I'm obsessed and nothing makes my outfit look better than a healthy dose of color that makes me look like I just got back from, I don't know, Bali? 

Super-Chic Hair Ties That Look Good On Your Wrist

Whenever we're looking to update our practical yet pretty hair repertoire, we head to Emi Jay straight away. Currently, we're loving this bow moment which just so happens to be a silky-cool collab with one of the industry's most-wanted hairstylists, Chris McMillan. And since the bow sits atop the brands signature soft hair tie, you can still *adorably* wear it on your wrist for those impromptu moments when you want to let your hair down.

These are pretty much the most luxurious hair ties a girl could ask for and, we confess, we love them just as much worn around our wrists as a pretty little outfit accent as we do in our hair. That said, if you're looking for the ultimate hair tie antidote that lends itself to beauty sleep and dent-less styling equally, you've found your A+ match. We love this handy variety pack that meets all your neutral color needs.

Aptly named, we're obsessed with this posh velvet scrunchi from Alo Yoga—a studio-to-street hair miracle that comes in six different hues and utmost convenience.

Nails That Are, Like, Really Pretty

Not only do we love Aila for its amazing color choices (we're forever doting on this pearlescent shade, in particular), but it's also one of the cleanest polish brands we've come across.

Nothing upgrades your outfit better than a star-studded mani, and these handy stickers from L.A. nail hot spot Olive & June make the process painless. All you have to do is peel, stick, and set with a clear topcoat.

Normally we'd never want anything with a name reminiscent of dirt or grime anywhere near our nails, but this edgy hue from nontoxic brand Base Coat is the *fabulous* exception. It's a satisfactory alternative to black but is less expected than other cold-weather hues like navy, burgundy, or emerald. Plus, it makes anything you're wearing look instantly cooler, and nothing makes you look more put-together than a well-executed paint job.

Glitter That Makes Your Eyes Twinkle

I kid you not—I've worn this exact glitter (it's a cult-favorite from Stila) to work and black-tie events alike. It can be dressed down to go with a leather skirt, booties, and a hoodie, or dressed up for the most sensational of fancy-schmancy affairs. Either way, your entire ensemble will look all the better.

While the Stila glitter above has a slightly finer payoff, this pretty pot of poison from Lemonhead.LA is a slightly ballsier graduation. The sparkle has a heartier chunk and texture, so there's more of a head-turning moment when you use it as an addition to your outfit. Every single color and formula from the L.A.-based brand is beautiful, so you can't go wrong, but we especially like the brand's exclusive color collab with chic beauty retailer Violet Grey. It's truly the best beauty accent to pair with any other rose-gold accessories you wear on the regular.

Or if both of the above feel a tad too ostentatious, both Amanda and I maintain a hot-and-heavy love affair with these creamy, dreamy eye shadows from Tom Ford. They're easy to use (we especially like shades Opale and Sphinx), provide the perfect twinkle, and never crease, or smudge. Consider these pretty little pots the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the glitter pool without having to dive in headfirst. 

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