4 Items Beauty Editors Are Retiring for Summer and 4 They're Adding

Beauty is both cyclical and seasonal. It's why makeup looks and hairstyles from decades ago are still relevant. It's also why there's so much emphasis on swapping out different skincare and makeup products whenever the weather changes.

You know the drill. When temperatures rise, it's time to switch from a rich winter moisturizer to a lightweight summer formula. Maybe you'll even retire your creamy cleanser in favor of an oil-controlling gel cleanser. But what about the less obvious seasonal swaps? I asked my fellow Who What Wear editors which products they're retiring for summer and why. Then I asked which products they planned to add to their routines. As beauty experts, I knew their answers would inspire me to change my routine, and I was right. Ahead, see every summer beauty swap our editors are making this year. 

Katie Berohn, beauty editor


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Out: Heavy, gourmand scents 

In: Solar scents

"In the summer, I always opt for scents that remind me of the beach. Heavier scents can feel a bit stifling in the heat, so I like switching some of my fall and winter favorites for scents that feel airy and bright. My favorite summer scent will always and forever be Ellis Brooklyn Salt. It's creamy, vibrant, and smells like sun-kissed skin and salty air. It smells good on everyone and isn't overpowering or too floral, which I appreciate. It works for day or night, too." — Berohn

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Shawna Hudson, associate beauty editor


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Out: Hair products with alcohol 

In: Alcohol-free, sulfate-free hair products

"Okay, this one is a little odd, but I realized that hair products with alcohol were actually drying my hair out more. My curls already err on the dry side, and for months I was trying to figure out why they still looked limp and lifeless. Now that I stopped using products with heavy amounts of alcohol, I've noticed a huge difference in the moisture levels of my hair, and my curls look a lot more defined! It's just in time for summer since my hair actually tends to get even thirstier during the warmer months. I've been obsessed with Sun Bum's Shampoo and Conditioner for curls! It's drugstore-priced and is one of the best duos I've found for my curly, thick, frizzy hair. The products are alcohol-free and make my curls so shapely and moisturized. I also love the summer scent that comes with any Sun Bum product! It reminds me of sunscreen and the beach in the best way possible." — Hudson

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Kaitlyn McLintock, associate beauty editor


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Out: Dewy Sunscreens

In: Matte Sunscreens

"I'm a huge fan of using dewy sunscreen formulas in the fall, winter, and spring. They give my skin an instant glow when it's dull and dehydrated. However, in the summer, my skin tends to get oily, and dewy sunscreens only exacerbate that dreaded oil-slick look. That's why I'm swapping out my dewy sunscreens for matte formulas this year; they give me a velvety 'cloud skin'-effect that I really love. The one I'm most excited about is Paula's Choice. It offers SPF 50 in a non-greasy, semi-matte formula." — McLintock

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Australian Gold

Emma Walsh, associate beauty editor, branded content


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Out: Regular body lotion 

In: Sparkling body oil

"Although there's nothing wrong with a basic body lotion, I'm craving something a little more deluxe that will enhance the sunkissed glow that I hope to have come summertime. So, I'll be turning to this shimmering body oil from Summer Fridays. It has macadamia oil to hydrate my skin and ultra-fine minerals to make it glisten in the summer sun. Also, the tropical coconut and vanilla scent is to die for and really evokes that golden hour feeling." — Walsh

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Kaitlyn McLintock
Associate Beauty Editor

Kaitlyn McLintock is an Associate Beauty Editor at Who What Wear. Although she covers a wide range of topics across a variety of categories, she specializes in celebrity interviews and skincare and wellness content. Having lived in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, she recently relocated back to her home state of Michigan where she works remotely. Prior to Who What Wear, she freelanced for a variety of industry-leading digital publications, including InStyle, The Zoe Report, Bustle, Hello Giggles, and Coveteur. Before that, she held a long-term internship and subsequent contributor position at Byrdie. When she's not writing, researching, or testing the latest and greatest beauty products, she's working her way through an ever-growing book collection, swimming in the Great Lakes, or spending time with family.