The Beauty and the Beast Trailer Is Full Of Amazing Costume Moments

Can you blame us for getting a bit excited about the return of Beauty and the Beast? For anyone in their 20s and 30s, the Disney film was a pretty big deal growing up. Therefore it’s no surprise that the official full-length trailer, which debuted today, struck a chord with our nostalgic sides.

The complete peek is below, and while anyone familiar with the animated original might recognize the storyline and some of the dialogue, it’s the costumes that are in a whole new light. We’ve already seen teasers for the clothing—specifically for Belle's, played by Emma Watson, iconic golden ball gown. But the period piece trailer also suggests that the film will bring to life the ornate extravagance often seen in 18th century French fashion, as well as Belle's humbler, elegant style—something we can really appreciate now that we're older.

Watch the full tailer below for the film set to release in March of 2017, and shop a few fancy formal designs of your own, if you're so inclined.

Are you psyched for the remake, too? Let us know what other childhood classics you'd like to see a modern version of, below.

Opening Image: Courtesy of Disney