You’ve Never Seen Beauty and the Beast Costumes Like These

The story of Beauty and the Beast, as they say in the 1991 Disney film, is a tale as old as time. But that’s not to say the classic story has lost its magic over the years. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Take, for example, director Christophe Gans’s current retelling of the same name starring French beauty Léa Seydoux. The film, in select theaters today, tells the perennial love story through a unique opposition of 19th-century France and the Renaissance period. The result: a truly captivating narrative accompanied by some of the most beautiful costumes we’ve ever seen.

Pierre-Yves Gayraud is the man responsible for the latter. Having worked on films like Cloud Atlas and Three Musketeers, Gayraud is certainly no stranger to extravagance, but it was Beauty and the Beast director Gans who really allowed him to flex his costume design muscles. “Gans wanted a fashion approach for the costumes, so I welcomed some of the best partners I’ve ever had around me,” Gayraud told us of the experience. From the ivory brocade dinner dress to the breathtaking crimson finale number, each of Belle’s costumes seemed to top the last. We spoke with Gayraud to learn more about the incredible designs, so keep reading for our exclusive interview.