Everything You Could Ever Want for a Beach Day, All Under $100

There’s nothing more aggravating than getting ready to head to the beach on a perfect summer day and then realizing you’re missing an essential such as sunglasses or a hat or, worse yet, arriving there and remembering then that you forgot something. Well, not to fear, because today we’re bringing you every beach essential you could possibly think of, all in one place and all under $100. That’s right! Sandals, beach towel, cover-up—this is your chance to stock up on anything you may be missing (or simply need to upgrade) for the summer days ahead. And once you have all the necessary items, we suggest revisiting this post and pre-packing that beach bag for your next day of fun in the sun—just so that you don’t leave anything out. Your dreams of being the best dressed girl on the sand are about to become a reality.

You can thank us later, but for now, shop our affordable and beach-ready picks below!

Opening Image: @SongofStyle