I'm 35, But This Product Makes My Skin Glow Like I'm in My 20s

There are a few beauty products I always need on standby to make my skin look its best when it needs a pick-me-up. Mostly that means skincare. I'm a strong believer in making the most of your skin because then you won't need as much makeup. But there is one product that perfectly straddles the line between skincare and makeup: tinted moisturiser. In the past, I used to be unimpressed by its level of coverage, but then Bare Minerals' Complexion Rescue came along and I was fully converted.


(Image credit: @nellblock)

Elinor Block, Who What Wear's assistant editor

This tinted moisturiser was launched back in 2015 and it's become a cult product ever since. The reason it's such a hit? It gives incredible coverage but somehow still manages to show your skin underneath. It doesn't leave skin feeling dry and yet it covers blemishes too. Overall, it gives your complexion a glow and yet it's not so fluid it slips right off your face. It genuinely lasts all day. It is, quite frankly, a wonder product. Keep scrolling to shop the product in question, and then keep going for my tinted-moisturiser edit.


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Elinor Block