Why Everyone's Talking About "Triple S" Trainers

There are few sneakers that are as divisive as "dad" trainers. If you're not sure what we mean by that, then allow us to explain. "Dad" sneakers are the clumpy, supposedly "ugly" shoes that look like the kind of trainer a "dad" would wear during the late '80s and '90s. They're oversized and are anything but elegant. However, true to the fashion world's cycle of regeneration, they are currently one of the biggest athletic shoe trends around. So who would even wear such a thing? Well, we already know that Kendall and Gigi are big fans of the look, and we've also seen plenty of street stylers wearing it too. But, stop the presses, Balenciaga just took it up a few notches with its Triple S trainers (£595), and they're selling out everywhere.

The sneaker takes its influence from various different sports, including running and basketball. It's a hefty shoe that comes with a thick, oversized sole and comes in a few colourways. Each time a new one is released, it sells out immediately, such is the high demand for this sneaker. And if you needed any further proof that is a major footwear trend, you only have to see that Zara is stocking some similar versions predicted to be loved by the masses. Keep scrolling to see the shoes during fashion week, and shop the latest iterations right now.


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Style Notes: With a simple pair of jeans, this is one of the easiest ways to wear the sneakers. 


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Style Notes: Go full sportswear mode with a pair of classic Adidas joggers. 

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Elinor Block