The Back-to-School Shopping List: 26 Things for Your Most Stylish Semester Yet

I may have graduated from college in 2020, but getting ready for going back to school is still fresh on my mind. It might be the fact that I lost half of my senior year to online schooling or that there's just an immense amount of nostalgic joy in picking out a new pair of shoes for class. I think I'll leave it to the latter. My college experience wasn't your "average" one. I went to fashion school in NYC but commuted, so I really had to balance style and comfort. This meant doing things like pairing dresses with sneakers, opting for leggings 99% of the time, and curating a solid selection of basics.

While I may not be thinking about textbooks, I can't help but peruse the new-arrivals sections for stylish basics, versatile shoes, and carryall bags that could put Mary Poppins to shame. Below, take a look at my fashion editor–approved back-to-school shopping list. From knit tanks to on-trend cowboy boots, there are a whole lot of wardrobe essentials in this roundup. Despite what your campus looks like this fall, you're going to want to take a look at the list of items I put together. Consider it your guide to your most stylish semester yet.

These are both chic and comfortable.

The styling options for this vest are endless.

Game-changing boots. Trust me and the reviews.

This fit everything I could possibly need in college, and I still carry mine around for work. 

These will be a fall wardrobe staple.

Why not have your AirPods be an accessory?

Chunky loafers aren't going anywhere. Even if they were, I'd still be wearing mine.

A simple knit set you'll gravitate toward often.

Baggu deserves the hype it gets. 

You can never have too many hair clips, especially in fun colors.

I bought this in college and wore it over almost anything. T-shirt and leggings? Check. Midi dress? Check. It was the perfect "cool" outerwear piece.

A classic loose-fit denim jacket is needed.

You're always going to need a trusted pair of leggings.

These aren't your average Converse. They're much cooler.

Your phone could use a stylish upgrade, too.

I loved getting cute graphic sweatshirts for early morning classes. (I don't miss you, 8 a.m. courses.)

How fun are these? They'll make any basic outfit look good.

Get this in multiple colors. You won't regret it.

When you want to switch it up from leggings or jeans.

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