The Back-to-School Outfits You'll Want Before Classes Start


Collage Vintage

Summer is coming to a close and a new school year is about to begin—but that means it’s also time to pick out your back-to-school outfits. And really, there’s nothing better than a fresh wardrobe for a new year of classes.

Since school begins at a transitional time, the beauty is that you can get away with mixing old pieces from the summer with new purchases for fall. The way to pull it off is by following a few key tricks. First, make sure to layer. You can get away with wearing a short floral dress, but throw a T-shirt underneath and sling a denim jacket over your shoulders. Next, mix textures. Something heavier like a wool skirt can be paired with a light cotton T-shirt to strike the perfect balance. And finally, pick out new key pieces that can work for different outfits. Sock boots are poised to be a huge trend this fall and can work with everything from corduroy pants to a long floral dress. Want to see some cool outfit ideas?

Keep reading to shop five back-to-school outfits that will have you ready for the new year.