I Wear This Australian Clothing Brand at Least Once a Week

In the matter of a year, there’s one brand I wear more than any other: Réalisation Par. Chances are the Australian clothing brand has popped up on your social media feeds before. And if you follow my Instagram, you’ve likely noticed that I often post photos wearing pieces from the label. The reason is simple: I just feel great when I’m wearing its clothes, so they’re always, always a part of my weekend or travel outfits.

It has a range of easy tops and dresses that fit perfectly into my L.A. lifestyle. And most recently, it added a leopard skirt to its collection—which has quickly become the most viral clothing piece of the year. I tried the skirt last month and have watched it become Insta famous among French girls and the influencer set. Ahead, see why I wear pieces from the Australian fashion brand at least once a week.