Make Sure You Pack These Beach-Bag Essentials for the Long Weekend

How do you plan on spending the long weekend? If it’s by the beach (that’s how we’re spending it), you need to be packed with all the essentials. There’s nothing worse than making your way to the sand, only to realise you left your sunglasses in the car. Our tip? Pack your bag the night before, so you can get up and go to score the best spot on the sand.

Keep scrolling for the ten items to see you through the long weekend.

A cheeky  way to carry all of your essentials.

A high neck one piece is the best way to take you to after-beach drinks. Just add a skirt and you're sorted!

The chicest way to lay on the sand? On Zimmermann, of course.

Leave the thongs at home and opt for leather sandals in case you make last minute dinner arrangements.

An obvious one, but always good to keep a spare pair handy.

Cover up 'beach hair' with a wide-brim straw hat.

So you can listen to your favourite tunes while relaxing on the beach.

Has sunburn ever been chic? No. And neither are wrinkles, so make sure you have a 50+ on hand at all times.

That book you've been meaning to read for months? You've just been given a Tuesday off work. Use it wisely. 

Make sure you re-apply a few times throughout the day. It won't stay on between swims and sips of Aperol. 

What are your ultimate beach essentials? Let us know what we might have missed in the comments below.

Opening image: Splash News

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