How Anna Wintour Dressed in Her 30s

Anna Wintour has been a fixture in the fashion industry since she first took over the reins at Vogue in 1988 when she was just 39 years old. Of course, we love chronicling what she's wearing these days—and which trends she deems "out"—but we can never resist a good throwback. So we set out to discover what she wore in her 30s as an up-and-coming editor, and we definitely struck gold with the photos we found.

Although Wintour's style has definitely evolved since then, some elements of her looks are actually quite similar to her present-day attire. For instance, she's never given up on the classic jacket-and-pencil-skirt combo (although her hemlines are a bit longer these days). Read on to see what else she donned back in the '80s—you might just get some stellar outfit inspiration for 2017.

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