I Get So Many Compliments When I Wear This £13 Fragrance

I've spoken before of my love for a good perfume (both eye-wateringly expensive ones and more affordable options), but there's one purse-friendly fragrance that has been literally turning heads whenever I wear it recently. And I've decided it's only polite to share it with everyone. After all, last night at a work dinner, three different people asked me what scent I was wearing—so it must be good, right? Well, it turns out the fragrance in question isn't really perfume at all but a body mist. Yes, as in one of those plastic pump bottles of scent that you probably kept in your PE kit at school. Worry not, though. This one has the mastermind behind luxury fragrance house Byredo behind it but at a seriously affordable price point.


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Delivering on way more than sellout summer dresses, & Other Stories is probably the high-street store I recommend most for beauty products that rival the most luxurious brands on the market. As for their fragrances? Trust me—they smell seriously expensive. And it's no surprise when & Other Stories has Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo (and probably my favourite ever fragrance brand), working on its scents. And while you won't find any Byredo alternatives, you will find seriously original and complex perfumes that smell incredible. As for the specific scent I always get compliments on? The Arabesque Wood Body Mist (£13).

6. Solar Essay

7. Rose Revival

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Mica Ricketts