We Tried Anastasia Beverly Hills' Most Coveted Products—These Are Worth the Hype

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand we all know and love but isn't given enough attention, in my opinion. Whether you're a Brow Freeze loyalist or prefer its cult-loved eye shadow palettes, we decided it was time to help fans of the brand branch out. We tapped the brand for a list of its best-selling makeup items so a few of us on the beauty team could play with a few things we haven't tried just yet.

Each of us created a look using the items and provided our thoughts below. If you love ABH and have been looking for something new to add to your collection, keep scrolling for our thoughts on items like the Primose All in One Palette, Brow Wiz, Dewy Set Setting Spray, and more.

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

First, I'll start with my thoughts on the Primrose All in One Face & Eye Shadow Palette. This is a beautiful palette with versatile shades that blend really easily together. I really did use it for my entire face. In the above photo, I used the shades Mango, Rouge, and Sparking Amber on my lids. I loved the end result and it complimented my skin tone quite nicely. On the other hand, though, this definitely feels like more of a *glam* palette to me rather than an everyday one. Lately, I've been really into minimal makeup that looks natural and just slightly enhances my features. You could create a softer look with this, but it still packs quite a punch to me since the hues are so pigmented. I used the shade Rouge as blush and Saddle as a bit of bronzer which I also really loved the look of. Overall, it's a gorgeous palette that would be perfect to take on a trip because then you won't have to pack too many makeup items—you'll have a few in one.

I also tried Brow Wiz and Brow Freeze with this look. I absolutely loved Brow Wiz—it's definitely one of my favorite brow pencils now. I love the way it glides on lightly and that you have to apply a bit of pressure to it in order to really fill your brows in. Typically, since I'm no brow expert, I like a pencil like this because you can fill your brows in slowly and lightly without them looking too harsh or dark. As for Brow Freeze, however, I didn't love this one as much. I do like a light brow gel just to hold my brows in place, but this one feathered my brows a bit too much for me. I definitely think if I'm light-handed enough with the product though, I'll like it more. I don't love a feathery brow look on myself so I think I'll be using just a tad of this one in the future to set the shape I create with a pencil.

Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor

Anastasia Beverly Hills review



"Not going to lie—I'm not usually a five-minute face type of girl. You'll either find me in a full face of makeup wearing 20-some products that took about an hour to apply or you'll find me completely bare-faced with just some moisturizer and a quick curl of my lashes and comb of my brows. That said, brows, blush, and glowy skin are definitely my MO, so I kept things simple for this trial.

"First, I'll talk about the Stick Cream Blush (which I tried in Pink Dhalia) because it was my favorite. I generally prefer powder blushes since I feel like they have more longevity and I have more control when I'm applying them, but this one is lovely—the deep, rosy pink color is exactly what I like and the formula itself was lightweight but blendable and pigmented enough to actually show up and stay put on my face. (I feel like so many creams just mysteriously evaporate into thin air!).

"Next, was the Dewy Set Setting Spray which I also loved! I'm definitely part of the pro-setting spray camp, and this one felt refreshing, and lightweight, and it did a great job of setting my makeup and kind of melding my products together for a dewy, and flattering result. I could do without the coconut-vanilla scent (I don't like perfumey products sitting on my face), but I still plan to keep this one in my routine.

"Last, Brow Freeze. I'm really sorry, but I think I might be the only one in the world who doesn't like this product. I am the most minimal person when it comes to my brows. I hate brow gels unless it's one particular clear formula that I'll only sometimes use if I feel like I'll really truly need it, and this was just too sticky and heavy feeling for me. I'm much happier just combing my brows and leaving them be for low-maintenance makeup days, and for days when I do a full face, I'll stick with my brow pencil and a light-hold clear gel."

Katie Berohn, Associate Beauty Editor

Anastasia Beverly Hills review



"I used the Brow Freeze and the Stick Blush in Soft Rose. I had actually never tried the Brow Freeze before, but I really liked how well it kept my brows in place (I guess it's called Freeze for a reason!). My only complaint is that I wish the packaging included a spoolie brush to use with it, but as a beauty editor, I had my own that I dipped in. The blush was super blendable and buildable—I also used it on my eyes! It gave me a natural-looking glow that was easy to achieve."

Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director, Branded Content

Anastasia Beverly Hills review



"Anastasia can do no wrong. I've always loved Brow Freeze but my love for it has only grown since getting my brows laminated. I always come back to it. It's a wax so you only need a tiny amount to set every brow hair in place. It doesn't feel stiff and it never gets flaky, it'll just give you the brows of your dreams. But can we talk about the palette? It's full of the prettiest eye shadows ever, from sparkly pinks to copper dreams. I sometimes feel like shimmer shadows can be too sheer, but these are super pigmented. There are so many good shades, but my favorite has to be Peony. It's subtle but buildable—the more I packed on my lids, the more my eyes popped (in a good way)."