Nov 30, 2017 Jewelry

Never Do This With Your Jewelry at TSA Checkpoints

by Allyson Payer

Splash News

When going through airport security, one of the most annoying things that travelers are faced with (and that's saying a lot) is setting off the metal detector. This can delay your journey through security and inevitably lead to a visual inspection, which then could lead to having to remove pieces that could be the culprit and/or going through the dreaded pat-down.

With the busy holiday travel season upon us, we've been thinking more and more about how to make all of our lives at least a little bit easier at the airport. Accordingly, we recently came across a TSA blog post from several years ago that gave a few very useful tips about wearing jewelry through security.

The post advises that unless your jewelry is especially bulky, you should never take it off when going through security. To get more firsthand advice, we consulted TSA press secretary Lisa Farbstein, who told us, "If you are wearing bulky jewelry or if it has a significant amount of metal in it, it is best to remove it, and place it inside one of your carry-on bags so as to reduce the likelihood that it will be left in the bin accidentally or that it will fall out of the bin. Most jewelry does not need to be removed, such as rings, necklaces, or wrist watches, unless they are what could be defined as being oversize. If the TSA officer asks that the item be removed, again, it is best to place it inside your carry-on bag."

You've probably noticed that those little bins that Farbstein refers to have a tendency to tip over when moving along the conveyor belt, which means you can pretty much say goodbye to your beloved jewels. Not only that, but it's also very easy to forget small items that you place in bins when rushing through security to get to your gate (we've all been there).

On that note, we rounded up some of our favorite TSA-approved (i.e. non-bulky) jewelry pieces to wear this holiday travel season and beyond. Read on to shop them all.

Wwake Arc Lineage Diamond Bracelet ($145)

Delicate enough to wear 24/7.

Drift Riot Pearl Hugs ($65)

The modern way to wear pearls.

Sofia Zakia Sapphire Winter Waltz Ring ($850)

This ring is so ethereal and cool. 

Shashi Signet Ring ($40)

We love a classic signet ring.

Après Jewelry The Rainbow Pavè Huggies ($300)

We love the way these look in double piercings.

Catbird Jewelry Dollhouse Locket ($58)

This locket can be engraved, making it a perfect gift idea.

Hart Dusty Rose Topknots ($58)

If you want something a little bolder, go with tassel earrings, as they contain minimal metal.

Wwake Blush Two-Step Ring ($340)

There's nothing we don't love about this perfect little ring.

Anna Sheffield Pavé Pointe Stud Earrings (Medium) in Rose Gold & Blue Sapphire ($1300)

The definition of cool, pretty earrings.

Monica Vinader Linear Bead Sterling Silver and Woven Bracelet ($175)

This woven bracelet looks like it contains more metal than it actually does.

Pamela Love Moon Phase Necklace, Rose Gold ($1100)

We have trouble resisting anything celestial-themed.

Consider the Wldflwrs Micro Emerald Stacking Ring ($650)

Even tiny emeralds pack a big punch.

J.Crew Gold Letter Necklace ($30)

Personalized and $30? We'll take two.

EF Collection Blue Sapphire Trio Single Stud Earring ($225)

Perfect for mixing and matching with other studs.

Adornmonde Tyreek Rose Gold Ring Set ($78)

You'll receive so many compliments on these cool, affordable rings.

Blanca Monrós Gómez 14K Gold Curved Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bar Studs ($300)

Timeless yet completely modern.

Mociun Half Moon Ring in Snowdrift Agate ($595)

You can never have too many special stacking rings.

Next up, find out what the worst thing to wear to the airport is, according to a TSA agent.