I'm Out of Closet Space But Will Make Room for These 36 Cheap Amazon Pieces



My home has a "closet" that's truly offensive in every sense of the word. It's in the corner of my bedroom and can maybe hold, I don't know, a shoe or two. So my husband and I had to turn our second bedroom into a space with clothes racks and a dresser just so I had a place to hang and store things. I know what you're thinking: You have an entire room dedicated to your clothes? Well technically, yes, but we never wanted the room to feel like a closet, so I'm limited to two clothes racks and an overstuffed dresser. I know—cue the violins.

Now, before the pandemic, I was good about getting rid of things I didn't wear regularly. But nowadays, that's gotten harder for me to do. I'm not wearing the same things I used to wear when, you know, I actually had places to be. So how do I know if I'm actually over something? Despite this conundrum, my urge to shop is in full force, as is my lack of inspiration with my current wardrobe. With that being said, I'm willing to get rid of stuff just so I can freshen things up around here. Here are 36 cheap Amazon pieces I'm willing to make room for that won't plague me with buyer's remorse, either.


This is giving me major vacation vibes with zero traveling needed.

I can't stop thinking about all of the high-waist bottoms I can wear this with. 

I mean, do I need to even say how pretty this color is?

I don't even care that these are for younger girls—I'll squeeze myself into a large and call it a day. How chic will these look with cut off shorts, sporty sandals, and layered jewelry? You're welcome. 


If you're thinking that this will pair well with lace-up sandals, you're absolutely right. 

The type of dress you can just throw on and go, without questioning anything.

This is kind of the perfect swim cover-up, no?

If this dress isn't the epitome of summer, then I don't know what is. 

The sleeves! It's all about the sleeves. 

I'll admit: I'm a sucker for a good tunic dress. 


Easy, breezy bottoms is my summer motto. 

High waist, wide-leg pants are so flattering—I can't believe I don't already own a white pair. 

I love these shorts for obvious reasons (like the fit). 

Overalls + Jumpsuits

I don't care that I'm 30. I'll never get over overalls. 

See? I told you I'll never be over them. 

Not an overalls person like me? Try this instead. 

Shoes + Accessories

Just some below-the-ankle chicness—that's all. 

I need these in my sunglass collection—plain and simple. 

My earring motto? Put on as many as your ears can handle. 

Meet the sandals that'll go with everything. 

Adding another cool-girl earring staple, just for good measure.

The clutch that'll go with all your weekend outfits.


Did you really think I'd get through this entire article without adding some summer pajamas?

I know what you're thinking: It's hot out—why do you need these? Because they're 100% necessary given how much time I've been at home. Just look how soft they look!