Yes, Amazon Has the Best Outerwear, and I'm Here to Prove It

Even for an L.A. girl like myself, no winter wardrobe is complete without some cute outerwear. Though my days rarely drop below 65°, I'm not embarrassed to admit that I have quite the collection. Faux-fur jackets, wool-blend coats, blazers—yep, I've got 'em all. And when I opened the box holding my most recent arrival (a super-cute dark green puffer) my thoughts were confirmed: Amazon really has the best outerwear. I couldn't believe the quality, price, and how on-trend it was. So of course, I hopped right back on the site and found a few—okay, more than a few—other options I was just as obsessed with. Keep scrolling to shop my 41 favorites.

Puffer Coats:

Faux-Fur Coats:

Wool-blend Coats:

Leather Coats: