I Love a Cheap-Thrill Purchase—These 37 Items From Amazon Are Doing It for Me

37 Chic, Affordable Amazon Fashion Items to Add to Cart



As a fashion lover on a budget, I'm constantly on the hunt for a bargain. Whether that's scoring a pair of vintage Levi's from the thrift store or snagging a dress that finally went on sale, I don't think there's a purchase that is more satisfying than a good deal.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, I scoured Amazon for some killer deals. I found an absurd number of budget-friendly options, from sweaters to jewelry, that I couldn't resist sharing. Not only did I find a bag that feels like it's straight out of the Y2K era for under $30, but I also found multiple similar piecesHonestly, I feel like these bags really won't ever go out of style. I'm calling it now. If you're looking for a strong cropped sweater and don't want to spend $400 on it, there's one for under $25 that comes in multiple colors. Don't worry: It's already been added to my cart.

Also, I know it might not be the season for sandals, but there's a pair of Teva dupes that looks so comfortable for under $20 that you can easily wear with socks. If the socks-with-sandals look isn't your vibe, there's a pair of mules for under $50 that you can pair with jeans or a good pair of trousers.

For more of the cheap-thrill purchases that are in my Amazon cart, keep scrolling to shop 38 of my favorites.


37 Chic, Affordable Amazon Fashion Items to Add to Cart



This coat is impossibly chic (and warm!) for the price. 

The colors are giving '70s vibes in the best way.

You don't need an invitation to a fancy mountain house to wear this.

I've got the inside scoop on this tank top: It's under $20.

Pair this ribbed sweaterdress with chunky loafers to ace the on-trend assignment.

Under $30 for chic winter vibes? Where do I put in my credit card info?


37 Chic, Affordable Amazon Fashion Items to Add to Cart



This might be the style of the year. Sound off in the comments.

Wear these with a good pair of wide-leg trousers and call it a day.

Yes, you can own as many pairs of mules as you want.