99 Things Fashion People Secretly Wish You'd Gift Them This Year


Okay, I'll admit: I was shamefully late to the game in terms of discovering that Amazon had become a legit spot for fashion finds. I mean, fleece-lined leggings and 10-packs of gym socks? Sure! But let it be know that the e-tailer is also home to more classic, luxury, and contemporary designer brands than you even realize, not to mention all the low-key fashion finds we rely on to complete our looks. From Levi's, Rolla's, and Rag & Bone to Ganni, Staud, and Anine Bing. We're talking truly exceptional jeans, vegan-leather pants, mock-croc accessories, editor-favorite sneakers, affordable gold jewelry, and that's not even starting on all these great knits.

My usual curation of 20-or-so picks just didn't quite seem like enough to really stress this point, so I present to you no fewer than 99(!) Who What Wear–worthy fashion items you can snap up on Amazon right this second and have delivered to wherever you happen to be hunkering down for the holiday season. Let's start with everything I'm wearing here... Happy scrolling!

I actually did not know you could buy this staple Staud bag on Amazon until a few weeks ago.

These excellent V-neck sweaters are hiding in the menswear section.

No words for how much I love these jeans.

Note: There is a lot of affordable vintage-vibe gold jewelry lurking on Amazon.

We love Parisian brands almost as much as we love eco-friendly fashion, so Veja is obviously highly coveted.

Not exactly pictured above, but I can assure you: They are there.

And now, the best $50 handbag on the internet. 

We'll all be wearing these Staud pants until further notice.

The fashion set will always be here for Levi's Wedgie jeans.

We did it. We found the perfect boots.

Please remember that lug-soles make all Ganni dresses instantly trans-seasonal.

Oversize cashmere turtlenecks make us feel like we read our New Yorker subscription every week instead of just adding them to the pile on the coffee table.

Vintage-inspired kicks at a particularly good price.

So many stylish loungewear sets hiding on Amazon at prices that can't be beat.

The perfect mock-croc boots with the perfect heel.

Everyone deserves a statement sweater.

Big fan of Rolla's. Even bigger fan of this exposed button fly. 

These + raw-edge jeans make for polished looks that are very chill.

Always on the hunt for unique little details.

This Australian brand is a fashion-crowd favorite.

A burgundy leather miniskirt is honestly the wardrobe hero you never knew you needed.

This beyond-soft sweater is available from XXS to 3X. Great by itself—even better layered over a turtleneck.

An extremely affordable way to level up your activewear look.

Chunky enough to make a statement.

The '90s called, they were looking for this incredible Tommy Hilfiger layer (that also comes in white and navy).

They also asked after this little Calvin Klein number.

The perfect deconstructed denim to pair with polished staples.

Boots that make your whole outfit.

Always looking for a fresh neckline.

It's the time of year to remember that Rag & Bone accessories make great gifts.

Cropped double-breasted blazers are a vibe.

Amazon is a whole new world of unique huggies. Do not begin this search unless you're prepared to go down the rabbit hole.

Good for stretching, great for sleeping.

2020 has been the year of a lot of things, but our favorite thing to come out of it is definitely the house dress.

An option for those who are floral-averse. 

Just a low-key very cool bag for under $50.

If you're not yet convinced that Amazon is the home of all great denim, perhaps these will do it.

Australian activewear brand P.E. Nation is a whole big thing among the fashion set and for good reason.

Elevated tie-dye can take some hunting down.

We promise we'll take these off… eventually.

Extra good this time of year with a mock-neck-tank layer.

Take it from us: These ribbed bodysuits are $20 extremely well spent.

Here for anything with substantial tread.

Added to every editor's pile of warm neutrals.

An exceptionally good tank. Don't sleep on the olive and nude colorways.

Do we trust a brand called London Fog to make a trench? Yes.

PSA: There's a lot of good cashmere on Amazon.

Perfect for virtual yoga classes at home, if you're a "camera on" kind of person.

At this point, I genuinely don't know anyone whose wardrobe doesn't include at least one pair of mock-croc boots.

Never underestimate a simple white cardigan.

An essential part of any fashion girl's uniform.

These luxe sweatpants are an A+ gift.

This dress is a twelve-monther.

We're all still living for square-toe boots.

Oversized Club Monaco turtleneck knits for that Hamptons vibe.

Like Uggs, only fancier. 

The one coat you will always pack. (You know, when we start going places again.)

Solid & Striped reminding everyone they do more than just great swimwear.

The puffer jacket to end all conversations about puffer jackets. 

These pants are everyone in 2020 remembering how in the '90s it was momentarily really cool to dress like it was the '70s.

Our love of vegan leather knows no bounds.

Still the crème de la crème of tights and stockings.

This sweater deserves a moment.

Correct, these would be the Ray-Bans you've seen all over Instagram the past few summers. (Remember summer? Sigh.)

An Aussie influencer friend put me onto this much more price-pointed version, dubbed their "thrasher pair" that is safe to throw into handbags with rogue keys and place lens-down on coffee tables without worrying about scratches. They come with a bonus round pair, plus a handy little screwdriver for tightening the arms.

Still extremely sold on Levi's sherpa-lined denim jackets.

Highly recommend owning a pair of tailored, relaxed-fit pants that make you look like you have your life together.

More excellent loungewear we stand by.

This classic coat will see you through many winters to come.

Name a Veja sneaker collaboration we don't love.

I think we've all learned that Amazon is the place to go for a puffer moment, yes?

Forever on the hunt for a new shade of neutral.

Can't say no to a belted shacket.

Madewell? On Amazon? It's true.

This dress is so good with knee-high boots. 

Again, Amazon truly is a treasure trove of great knitwear. Great news, considering this is the year of the cardigan.

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