37 Fantastic Items to Buy From Amazon's Black Friday Sale

37 Fantastic Items To Buy From Amazon's Black Friday Sale



It's a common misconception in my family that I like Black Friday. I am the shopper of our family, the one who stays up all night searching for the latest deals and trends. I am my mom's date to the outlet malls near O'Hare Airport and the force behind my dad's steady stream of wardrobe advice that he never seems to take. Of course, Black Friday should be right up my alley. There's just one problem: I despise lines and crowds more than I love shopping. 

I know what you're thinking, but there's an obvious solution: online shopping. Now, the problem with that is that online shopping on Black Friday is equally as overwhelming as shopping in person on Black Friday in its own way. With so many deals and advertisements for said deals, the internet becomes absolutely cluttered with pages upon pages of merchandise that all start to blur together. So I spend hours going through site after site, opening up 27 tabs, deliberating on what to buy, and then finally come to a decision only to realize that the item sold out in my indecisiveness. And therefore, I do not like Black Friday.

But this year is different, and that's because I have the inside scoop on the ultimate online retailer's Black Friday deals. Yes, I'm talking about Amazon and yes, there's Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day, but Black Friday is here now so let's focus on that. I've rounded up 37 fantastic items to buy from Amazon's Black Friday sale to save you the time and hassle of searching for the best deals. So sit back, digest all that turkey from last night, and start adding to your cart.

Who knows? Maybe this is the year I actually start to like Black Friday.

I know it's cold out now, but I promise you will be thanking me next summer.

Lavender gray may be my new favorite color.

Who says sweatpants can't be worn outside?

37 Fantastic Items To Buy From Amazon's Black Friday Sale



Because cropped jeans will never go out of style.

The most iconic sweatpants now turned leggings.

The transparent balloon sleeves on this dress are unreal.

For those days when a turtleneck just seems like too much effort.

I really don't need more combat boots, and yet here we are.

37 Fantastic Items To Buy From Amazon's Black Friday Sale



I'll take any excuse for a new sweatshirt.

My sister swears by these and she runs fast.

Did I hear memory foam? Say no more.

More sherpa because I can't help myself.

A little black dress is only fitting for Black Friday.

Might as well get your New Year's Eve party dress now while it's on sale.

The little bows on the sleeves are such a cute addition.

Because we all are looking for that perfect pair of heeled booties.

37 Fantastic Items To Buy From Amazon's Black Friday Sale



Just learned what lantern sleeves are, and I'm obsessed.

You can never have too many denim jackets.