I Tried the Most Popular Dresses on Amazon, and These Are the Ones I Would Buy


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Tinder and online shopping both have one thing in common: catfishes. 

Seriously, I'm not kidding. Think about it. After a couple of minutes of swiping, you come across the most attractive, symmetrical person you've ever seen. You match instantly and start chatting, and when it comes time to meet in person, they disappoint. Now online shopping is exactly the same. You scroll, find an amazing dress, and order it, and when it comes, you realize it was too good to be true. And I have been catfished way too many times.

Safe to say, I was skeptical when I received this assignment. When my big box of dresses arrived from Amazon, I lugged it up to my fifth-floor walk-up contemplating just how many catfishes were inside. I had seen the selections online and was bracing myself for the in-person disappointment. 

Finally, it was unboxing time. I pulled out a combination of sweaterdresses, body-con dresses, and even a turtleneck midi. To my surprise, Amazon had gotten it right. Each of these dresses looked exactly as it had on the internet. When the fabrics surprised me by being even softer in person than they appeared online, I realized what had just transpired. Amazon had reverse-catfished me.

My skepticism faded as I tried the dresses on, took some pictures, and picked out my favorites—a black body-con that I wouldn't usually choose for myself but now can't wait to wear out next weekend, a cozy sweaterdress that I fully intend to wear five days a week to work, a flouncy number that I can pair with my cherished leather boots, and a long-sleeve wrap midi that I will be wearing to Thanksgiving dinner. 

I tried on the most popular dresses on Amazon and chose four of my favorites, but I thought I would share all of the dresses with you. And I can tell you this: Sometimes when something seems too good to be true, maybe it's actually not.

My Favorite Dresses From Amazon


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(Image credit: @gabykeiderling)

All of the (Still Amazing) Runner-Ups


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Honorable Mentions


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