Last Year's Cult Trainer Brand Has Created the Coolest Style for 2020

Chunky, practical and decidedly "unsexy" dad trainers are the fashion trend no one saw coming. After Balenciaga's Tripe Ss and Louis Vuitton's Archlights, in 2019 it was the Alexander McQueen trainers that became popular with the street style set. Thanks to Lyst, a global fashion search platform, we discovered that it was Alexander McQueen's oversized sole trainers that hit the top spot on the "hottest women's products" for 2019. These chunky sneakers were searched for every two minutes on the e-commerce platform. And now there's a new pair of sneakers from the brand that we've got our eye on. 

The latest sneakers are still chunky in sole but are high top canvas iterations. They come in a plain white, khaki and a black—almost like a boot-trainer hybrid. With their chunky soles and unadorned finish, they're the perfect sneakers to wear with everything from tailored trousers to floaty midi dresses. Scroll down to shop the new style and if you're a stickler for the original then keep going for those.


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(Image credit: Getty)

Style Notes: Need a way to dress down a floral frock? Just add box-fresh sneakers. 


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Style Notes: A pair of chunky trainers are the perfect accessory to an all-black outfit.


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Style Notes: The chunky trainer trend will carry you right through the summer months and into the winter. Now that's what we call versatile. 

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has been updated.