Alexa Chung's Autumn-in-London Capsule Consists of 7 Easy Staples

With the colder weather well and truly upon us, the mornings are getting harder. Waking up to darkness doesn't evoke the energy needed to throw off a cosy blanket and brace the crisp, cool air beyond. Once you've committed to leaving your duvet cocoon, you definitely don't need to be standing in front of your wardrobe despairing about what to wear. That's where I come in. I've pulled together an autumn capsule so you always have an outfit in mind, and it'll save you from shivering in your pyjamas while you stare into your closet. Plus, all these capsule pieces are approved by our fashionable friend Alexa Chung

Chung, a designer, presenter and trendsetter, has an enviably cool wardrobe. Her effortless way of pulling pieces together seems like a feat that one would have to be born with, but I've managed to pick out the key trends this style connoisseur relies on for an autumn/winter season spent in London, and it's simpler than you'd think. Especially during the cooler months, the less time we can spend on deciphering a chic look, the better. So let's leave it to the style icon herself to lay the foundations of a great cold-weather wardrobe.

Here are seven capsule pieces that Chung relies on for autumn and winter and that you can too. 



(Image credit: @alexachung)

Style Notes: A staple of every London girl's wardrobe, the humble trench coat allows you to be prepared for any sudden weather change while consistently looking put-together. 



(Image credit: @alexachung)

Style Notes: I couldn't be more grateful that the once-outdated outerwear piece has regained its trending status. I mean, what's better than a cosy fleece? 



(Image credit: @alexachung)

Style Notes: Chung's style takes the classic and adds a fashion twist, and the colourful Breton stripe is a great example of this. 



(Image credit: @alexachung)

Style Notes: Is there anything more hard-working in a wardrobe than a pair of classic jeans? This simple denim staple can be styled for all occasions, from casual errand running to dinners out. 



(Image credit: @alexachung)

Style Notes: There's nothing I love more than comfortable trending shoes, and ballet flats are just that. Wear with dresses, jeans, tailored trousers and more—be it with socks or not. 



(Image credit: @alexachung)

Style Notes: Combining form and function, the classic beret adds a chic twist and keeps you cosy from head to toe. 



(Image credit: @alexachung)

Style Notes: Festive celebrations are just around the corner, so a reliable dress to dance the night away in is a true staple. Chung? She tends to opt for a mini, which she usually styles with the aforementioned ballet flats. 

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