23 Affordable Spring Finds I'm Already Regretting Telling You About

Shop Affordable Spring Finds From Need Supply


The Style Stalker

As you've hopefully figured out by now, each week, I like to highlight all the coolest products found at one of my favorite affordable retailers of the moment. This week, it's Need Supply. While the retailer stocks some of my personal all-time favorite brands like Rejina Pyo and Acne Studios, it also has quite a reputable slew of affordable brands and pieces as well. Today, that's what I want to chat all about.

Ahead, you'll see my personal selection of affordable (under $200 except for the Batsheva blouse that I couldn't not include) items at Need Supply that I am craving for spring. Normally, I like to keep my top-notch shopping finds somewhat of a secret in order to not show up matching with a fellow human being somewhere around New York, but today I was feeling generous. Will I regret telling you about these 23 perfect spring items currently sitting in my shopping cart? Maybe. But for now, I really have to show someone and that someone is you. Happy shopping! 

I normally don't love bucket hats, but this one is unarguably cool. 

Kind of leopard, kind of dalmatian, kind of into it. 

This entire baby blue situation is goals.

I would have been so much cooler if I owned these in elementary school.

Rain might be able to ruin your day, but thanks to this coat, it won't be ruining your outfit. 

This outfit literally is screaming and shouting that spring is coming, and I'm hearing it loud and clear. 

You'll be needing the matching pants as well. 

Delicate knits and lilac should be paired together more often. 

If a full-length Batsheva dress is a little too much for you, this top should tickle your fancy. 

Wear these with the Tevas coming up and you'll be the coolest spring thing around. 

Is this not the most adorable thing you've ever seen? 

Meet your new spring wedding guest dress.

Go rogue and buy the white Tevas while everyone else is buying the black. 

The only thing you'll want to wear with jeans this spring. 

Ease into acid wash denim with this pair. 

These look so expensive. I'm confused. 

A Victorian-inspired must-have. 

If you can resist buying an excess of hair clips, you are a stronger human than I. 

Layer this under or over anything and you will look good, I promise. 

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