Surprise: Here Are 27 Awesome Picks Hiding in the Super-Clearance Section


(Image credit: @ada_oguntodu)

I'm not really a bragger by nature (she so humbly wrote), but there's one thing I do enjoy being a little bit showy about: my ability to zero in on absolute steals lurking deep within the cavernous depths of the clearance sections of my favorite e-tailers. (Yes, somewhere out there, my mother's eyes just rolled all the way back into her head.)

It doesn't matter whether it's a midrange item practically red-lined down to $0 or a wildly spendy investment piece being brought slightly closer down to earth. Either way, as I pull the trigger on a super-clearance item, I can feel my inner braggart start to rub her obnoxious little hands together in anticipation of a "Where did you get that?"–type question.

Feel the same way? You're in luck because I've just rounded up a few ridiculously good deals you'll want to add to cart, like, yesterday.

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