Don't Freak Out, But These 24 Designer Items Are Under $100

Best Under $100 Designer Items The Real Real


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Okay fine, it's acceptable to freak out a little bit because finding designer goods at these prices is like spotting a unicorn. Curious where we found them? Three words: The RealReal. If you aren't familiar with The RealReal, it's a luxury resale site where you can find pre-loved (as I like to call it) designer goods including everything from Louis Vuitton luggage to Prada headbands, but today we're focusing on solely all the best designer goods we could find for under $100. 

Ahead, you'll see some of the cutest designer shoes, tops, and more that, by the grace of The RealReal gods, all ring in at under $100. So if you've been craving a quick shopping pick-me-up, instead of heading to Zara (for once), check out these quality affordable finds first. Because in all honesty, an Acne blazer for $94 is better than any fast-fashion purchase we can think of. 

The perfect shape + the dreamy chocolate shade? Sold.

Everyone needs a rhinestone top in their lives, no?

If all of summer's best sandal trends had a baby.

All of summer's best pastel shades wrapped up into one chic midi skirt.

This printed scarf will ideally be worn in your hair while sunbathing on a yacht but tied around your tote at the office will work too.

You do not want to get behind on the hot pink trend—it's about to blow up.

Green and pink always make a winning color combo.

Another pretty white top to add to your collection.

This jacket looks even cooler styled as a top with nothing underneath.

The '70s vibe of this floral printed miniskirt is seriously on point.

We don't really even need to tell you about the cost-per-wear on these strappy black sandals.

Try subbing silver accessories where you'd usually wear black ones and instantly be impressed with how chic your outfit looks.

You'll be thankful you bought this in approximately three months.

Think of race car driver checks as ginghams cooler older sister.

In case you didn't know you needed pale yellow heels until this very moment.

Tuck this knit button-up into your favorite denim for a slightly more polished version of your everyday jeans-and-tee outfit.

Reach for this lightweight jacket when you get bored of your go-to blazer or the humidity is above 70% but your office is somehow still freezing.

The kind of thing you throw on to make your basic leggings or midi skirt outfit look a minimum of 75% cooler.

Balance out the more polished vibe of this silky crop top by pairing it with baggy white jeans.

Animal print isn't going anywhere, so these red velvet leopard pants are kind of a must.

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