The Jewelry Trends You Shouldn't Spend More Than $75 On

We spend a lot of time talking about jewelry trends here at Who What Wear. After all, shedding light on the summer jewelry trends fashion girls are deprioritizing and reporting on the outdated jewelry trends that are officially out is pretty much part of a fashion editor's job description. Although jewelry typically comes with a steep price tag (and we're not opposed to splurging on a piece of everyday jewelry that we'll never take off), we're also of the mindset that buying into the latest trends shouldn't cost you.

Curious as to which trending jewelry items we shouldn't spend more than $75 on, we consulted an expert on the matter: Philomène Tellaroli, a concept designer of accessories for the Paris Atelier at & Other Stories. And she did not disappoint. From the hot hair accessory seemingly every It girl has been wearing in 2019 to the necklace trend that's taking over Instagram right now, these are the expert-approved jewelry trends that won't break the bank. Keep scrolling to shop Tellaroli's picks, starting at just $9.

Hair Accessories

"There's definitely a big comeback for hair accessories, which feels very fresh and playful," divulges Tellaroli. "They add a layer to styling that both elevates the look and expresses your personal style." Think, hairpins, Alice bands, and scrunchies, suggests Tellaroli.

Hoops Earrings

Whether you opt for a pair of statement earrings or a more discrete, delicate style, hoops are an everyday and all-occasions favorite, Tellaroli tells Who What Wear. "This spring/summer we have a wide selection of hoops both in size, thickness, materials and colors, something for everyone," the designer shares.

Medallion, Talisman, and Charm Necklaces

"This is a trend that's spread a lot through social media, especially in layering necklaces to create unique combinations," notes Tellaroli. "We love the history of medals and charm necklaces, telling stories of where you come from and your identity, as well as the myth of them carrying magic powers. They become a part of you and your self-expression."