49 Under $49: The Affordable Fall Shopping Guide of Your Dreams

Yes, this story is filled with 49 products that each ring in and under $49 and yes, they are all insanely cute. In case you have yet to dive into your seasonal fall shopping, this list should cover just about everything you'll need for a comprehensive wardrobe update. Since finding expensive-looking affordable products is time-consuming and generally tiresome, I decided to do all the digging for you so that all you have to do on your end is scroll. 

Ahead, get ready to feast your eyes on everything from trendy basics to sleek accessories that individually make for a killer cheap thrill, but together, will ensure a foolproof fall 2020 wardrobe. Featuring all of your favorite affordable retailers including Zara, H&M, and ASOS, I have a feeling you'll be leaving here with carts fuller than they've been in a long time. 

This one is all about the details. 

They look like trousers but feel like leggings. 

This little clip brings me so much joy. 

The trendy basic fashion girls can't stop wearing. 

As someone who owns this exact skirt, I can assure you you absolutely need it. 

Never lose your mask again thanks to this trendy chain. 

If this isn't the most perfect fall dress you've ever seen, I don't know what is. 

This skirt trend isn't going anywhere any time soon.  

Update your loungewear with this cozy set. 

A bold top that is somehow extremely versatile. 

House slippers have never looked better. 

Because what's one more chunky chain necklace. 

This also comes in a camel color which is just as chic. 

How this top is only $20 I will never understand. 

Enhance all of your basic sweaters with these chain link earrings. 

This is the kind of dress you can dress up in or lounge around in. 

Don't buy this purse if you hate compliments. 

Throw this hat on with any simple outfit for a trendy pop. 

This is definitely the It layering piece of the season. 

Why buy plain hoops when you can get these twisty ones instead? 

From the color to the neckline, this top is sheer perfection. 

This ring has that vintage look that's so in right now. 

I buy these sweatshirts in every color. They are perfect for layering, lounging, and more. 

Say goodbye to basic trousers. 

This silky top is almost too good to be true. 

Because it's probably time to invest in some new black leggings. 

A shirt I can guarantee you won't regret buying. 

Please note the V hemline. 

In case you lost your go-to pair from last season. 

The cutest grandma cardigan we ever did see. 

Wear this in your hair or around your wrist for a fun pop of print. 

I told you, these open-back tops are trending. 

Everyone needs a shoulder-exposing knit this season. 

There's something about these bras that felt important. 

Layer this tank under blazers, fuzzy jackets, and more. 

Emma Chamberlain is wearing them therefore you should be wearing them too. 

If this blue doesn't make you smile I don't know what will.