6 Affordable Earring Trends That Look Believably Expensive

In the age of Zoom, never have earrings been more important to me (relatively speaking, that is). Like most, I'm dressing down a lot lately, and I keep finding myself reaching for a pair of earrings to elevate my sweatshirt of the day (it makes a big difference). I'm definitely not alone, as whenever I scroll through Instagram, I come across selfie after selfie featuring a great pair of earrings, and I've concluded that six trends, in particular, are trending around the world. 

Something I'm not a fan of is jewelry that looks cheap (who is, really?), so the only earring trends I care about are ones that look expensive. Even better if they're not actually expensive. Luckily, the six trends I'm seeing everywhere look expensive, but there are tons of options on the market that are actually affordable. Scroll to familiarize yourself with the trends and shop them for your own lobes.

Thin Hoops

Thin hoop earrings



A couple of years ago, it seemed like the only hoops anyone was going to wear anymore were the chunky tube ones. Well, things have changed and thin hoop earrings are back with a vengeance. Any since they're delicate, it's relatively easy to find ones that look expensive.

The great thing about pearls is that faux ones often look real. Not only that, freshwater pearls, which the fashion crowd favors anyway, are pretty inexpensive to begin with. Look out for ones that have unique settings.

Curb Chain

Curb chain earrings



Curb chains are trending in every form of jewelry right now, so they're a good bet if you want a break from basic hoops. And something about the way chunky curb chains break up the metal makes them look deceptively pricey.

Door Knockers

Door knocker earring trend



If you love hoops but are tired of them, might I suggest a pair of door knockers? If you want them to look expensive, go for a subtle pair, which I found plenty of on the market.

Another hoop trend that's happening is wavy, twisted hoops. They feel fresher and more interesting than tube hoops. And especially if you choose ones that are on the smaller, thinner side, no one will know that they're costume. 

'80s Vintage-Inspired

'80s earring trend



So this one being "expensive-looking" may be debatable, but the thing with '80s earrings is that they were inherently bold and glamorous. When I look at a pair of vintage-inspired earrings, it's hard for me to tell what they cost. So embrace it and wear whatever "'80s glam" earrings your heart desires.