My VIP Group Chat Always Asks for Shopping Advice—Here's What I'm Recommending

a woman in a leather bomber jacket

(Image credit: @oumaymaboumeshouli)

Recently, one of my friends posted a shoe selfie in our group chat. "I was wrong about Vomeros," she wrote underneath. "Been wearing them for a month—they're great." Late last year, I had posted in the same group chat with my shopping advice: I'd recommended Nike's Vomero 5 as a sneaker style that's on the rise. A few friends caught on early, but by January, the entire group text was on board. That's the power of a place where it's easy to swap ideas and links with friends. Soon enough, you just may be setting a trend together. 

While our group chat isn't solely relegated to shopping suggestions, it's not unusual for me to field questions and requests around future purchases. It could be about the latest Aimé Leon Dore campaign, the right dress for whatever a "beach formal" wedding may be, and even the best place to find affordable, good-quality workwear. Our text thread feels like a supportive space to get excited about both big-picture fashion (e.g., what's happening in street style and our favorite shows at fashion week) and the small, everyday things, like a transformative purchase we're passing on or a designer score we scooped up on sale. Ahead, I've included my shopping advice and picked out a few of the favorites currently floating around our chat—Vomeros included—so you can join us as an honorary member or simply send them off to your own circle of stylish friends.

Aemilia Madden