I'm Not an Accessories Person, But These Are the 6 Pieces I Wear on Repeat

If it wasn't already blindingly obvious, I like shopping (not that I've built a whole franchise around my obsession or anything…). However, for some inexplicable reason, I just can't summon the same enthusiasm for accessories as I do for skirts, jackets, tops or jumpsuits. When it comes to jewellery, shoes and bags my attitude is very minimalist: I want a concise edit of pieces that work their hardest. I can happily spend hours putting together an outfit, but I need my accessories to go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and be ready to be grabbed at a moment's notice.

Because of this somewhat austere approach, I find that I generally opt for shoes and bags in neutral colourways—such as black, brown or white. They also need to be practical, so that means shoes need to be comfortable and bags roomy enough to fit my life in (Wandler's Hortensia is so good for this purpose—it's a small crossbody with a Tardis-like interior). My jewellery, meanwhile, needs to be delicate enough not to steal the limelight, but at the same time still able to add that metallic lift so many outfits crave. The result of this picky attitude toward accessorising? I've now accumulated a pretty winning accessory capsule wardrobe if I do say so myself.

So whether you're a hoarder who needs to give their wardrobe a bit of a cull or, like me, an accessory minimalist in need of guidance, I've done the hard work for you and listed the six accessories I can't live without. Scroll down to see my picks.



(Image credit: @joy_monty)

Style Notes: This is a more recent addition to my jewellery collection, but I can tell it's going to be a winner. I love the fact that it has a double chain, which makes it that little bit more interesting than a classic pendant necklace. 



(Image credit: @joy_monty)

Style Notes: This gem was recommended to me by our editorial director Hannah Almassi (see her ode to Wandler here), and despite it being a bigger investment, I've never looked back. Unlike its louder, logo-clad designer counterparts, I love that this bag is fairly minimalist but also roomy enough to tick the practical box.



(Image credit: @joy_monty)

Style Notes: I can't live without a good pair of black ankle boots, and this Office pair elevates any outfit while still being comfortable enough to walk in. 

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(Image credit: @joy_monty)

Style Notes: Yes, I know, I'm hardly reinventing the wheel suggesting gold hoops, but there's a reason they're a classic, right? These feel low-effort but are still able to offer polish to an outfit. Plus, they literally go with everything.



(Image credit: @joy_monty)

Style Notes: This is one of the less obvious additions to my accessory capsule collection, but I've worn is just as much as any of the other pieces. This skinny scarf made by Brit brand Rockins is just what I need to add a bit of '70s personality to an outfit.



(Image credit: @joy_monty)

Style Notes: I love this Western-style belt, which may look unassuming, but it's a multitasking wonder that I wear it with everything from jeans and jackets to skirts and coats. The original was from Urban Outfitters, but you can shop similar styles below.

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