If You Need a Sign to Ditch Powder Shadow, TikTok's Fave Eye Paint Is It


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I often wonder why I only get the urge to cover my eyelids in liquid eye shadow in the middle of summer when it's 90°. I'm not like this in the fall or winter—this impulse strictly comes out when it's hot, and I choose to go along with it. I guess liquid formulas feel more seasonally appropriate to me. They're easier to apply and require less skill and even less time than an average dry shadow. Maybe I like them because they also require fewer tools and less blending? I don't know. It's what comes to mind. But I'll say this: What I do know is that nothing—no cream, gel, or loose powder—quite compares to the About-Face Matte Fluid Eye Paint ($16).

It comes in 26 spicy, out-there, [insert your favorite bold adjective] colors like baby pink, royal blue, and pastel green, all of which scream main-character energy. The formula is light and watery in texture and packs a serious pigment punch. Plus, the longevity is no joke—triple-digit temps won't even melt this shadow. I understand why it's been blowing up on TikTok and why it's almost always sold out. It's a low-effort product that offers a high reward, and if that's your summer mentality, you've come to the right place. Keep scrolling for more in-depth reviews and to see (and shop!) the impressive shade range.

Aniyah Morinia, Associate Editor


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"When I think of my everyday makeup routine, eye shadow is not on the list. (But I do I really love how it looks on those rare occasions that it makes its way onto my eyelids.) I was excited to try this one because the colors are so pigmented, and I live for a built-in brush situation. Applying this was a little bit more difficult than I expected and required a bit of blending and tons of Q-tips. The liquid formula dries rather quickly, making the finished product chalky instead of matte or glossy. This is not a product that I would reach for regularly, but I do think it's fun and bold for those nights out when I want to experiment."

Sarah Yang, Managing Editor


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"Since the color is so intense, I was afraid it was going to make me look like a clown or like a 3-year-old did my makeup, but I was pleasantly surprised. A little bit does go a long way, and I found that it was easier to control the color intensity by dabbing it on my hand first and then applying it with an eye-shadow brush. It was easy to blend, and I decided to add a little shimmery liquid eye shadow to complete the look. It wasn't too intense and is a look that I'd definitely wear on a night out."

Katie Berohn, Associate Beauty Editor


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"I tried this eye shadow when it launched, and I absolutely love how pigmented the shades are. If you're a fan of playing with makeup and creating bold looks, it's perfect for that. If you go in with a more precise makeup brush, you can also use it as eyeliner. In my opinion, though, it's pretty prone to transfer, so it's best to set it with a powder to get it to stay in place."

Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director, Branded Content


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"My idea of a perfect liquid eye shadow is one that has an easy-to-control formula, meaning I can apply it however I damn well please and it'll come out looking like a makeup artist graced my face. These eye paints come in some really special colors, including Dionysus, a rich orchid-like purple with blue undertones that takes my eyes to a whole new level. I used a primer before applying the liquidy goodness across my lid (I love the flat doe-foot applicator), and then I smoothed it all out with a brush. (But I would use my fingers, too.) I love the slightly undone finish. It's perfectly imperfect."

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