This Collection Is Taking Me Back to the '90s, and I'm Here for It

Forever 21 '90s Fashion Inspiration

If I had the power to travel back to any fashion era, I'd send myself back to the '90s—no doubt about it. After all, I was born in the mid-'90s and thus never got the chance to fully experience everything the decade entailed. (You could say my style was more Michelle Tanner than Cher Horowitz.) That said, I always found inspiration in the grungy-chic looks I saw celebrities rocking in the pages of Tiger Beat, and I dreamed of the day when I'd be able to dress just like them.

The good news for my younger self (and 2019 me!) is that the '90s have been mounting a serious comeback, asserting their influence on collections across the high-low spectrum. In other words, this season, the more your outfit screams "Naomi Campbell circa 1995," the more stylish you look. Just take a glance at Forever 21's Indie Bloom collection—it's chock-full of plaid skirts, fuzzy tops (yes, fuzzy tops), and colorful hair clips that remind me of the ones I used to trade with my friends at recess.

Keep scrolling to see what I've been adding to my cart to keep up with this nostalgic trend.

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