Here's What It Girls Wore in the 1970s


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Flipping through your mom's high school yearbook is like stepping into a time capsule. What women wore to algebra and English is not the same as the True Religion jeans and Abercrombie tanks you wore in the early aughts. But we know that the past serves as a constant source of inspiration for the present, and peeking back at 1970s fashion can be both enlightening and entertaining.

Back when the Rolling Stones were singing about wild horses, women were slipping into colorful mini dresses, wildly high platforms, and head-to-toe psychedelic prints. And while these days, we've seen pops of these trends come back again, the modern iterations don't quite capture the same feel. So what were It girls wearing in the 70s? Check out the photos below for a look.


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White shoes were a must back in the day, and they're back in 2017 too.


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It's easy to imagine these outfits on the streets of New York in 2017.


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For a modern take on the denim dress, try styling it with feminine mules. 


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Chunky knits and plaid feel just right for fall.


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While head-to-toe suede may not feel quite as effortless now as it did back then, try updating this look by styling a suede jacket with a cozy knit and jeans.


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Diane von Furstenberg's tucked pants–and-boot combination is a major throwback.


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Re-create Diana Ross's silky moment by swapping this open-sleeve style for a slip dress and pairing with a cool sandal.


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Before summer is over, consider re-creating these timeless jean-centric looks.


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While yellow has been a major color trend this year, Jerry Hall sported her spin on the color back in the day.


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While it may seem intimidating at first, head-to-toe prints is a cool choice. Just be sure to keep jewelry simple and you're good to go.

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Aemilia Madden