The One Decade It Girls Can't Stop Mimicking

'70s-inspired outfits



If there’s one fashion era It girls can’t seem to get enough of, it’s the ’70s—not that we blame them. The decade is responsible for major (major!) trends that still stand up today. Combine that with the warm, earthy tones that were so popular at the time and it’s no wonder we’re seeing so many ’70s-inspired outfits for the fall.

Whether you realize it or not, the ’70s have practically been woven into the DNA of today’s trends. Just take a look at the Western trend that’s been taking over our Instagram feeds, or the return of flowing boho dresses and corduroy. Sure, these styles have evolved over the years, but there’s a reason they keep coming back into the cycle.

While you might not want to dive headfirst into the throwback styles of this period, there’s always a way to incorporate a retro-inspired piece or two into your everyday ensembles. Take a cue from some of our favorite fashion girls and give a nod to the iconic era this fall…

Style Tip: A pair of red flares will give you major ’70s vibes. Play up the color and style it with a pink sweater.

Style Tip: Does it get more ’70s than a denim jumpsuit? Let it be the hero of your outfit; style with classic tennis shoes.

Who doesn’t love a one-and-done piece like a jumpsuit?

Style Tip: Flared jeans were a major staple during the ’70s. For 2019, we love this cropped style with an oversize white shirt.

This shirt will always be a classic.

Style these with a sleek pair of stiletto heels.

Style Tip: Let’s not forget the major boho movement that was occurring during the decade. Layer a lace maxi dress over a lace shirt to re-create this outfit.

Style Tip: A pair of high-waisted wide-leg jeans is so reliable. Pair yours with a ruffle blouse to give it a flirty twist.

Style Tip: The ’70s were known for major trends like graphic sweaters and polished plaids.

Style Tip: High-waisted pants will always be a ’70s trend that stands up as a classic trend. Wear yours in a neutral-hued outfit for classic vibes.

So, how will you be wearing the 1970s in 2019?

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.


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