The '70s Trends That Still Hold Up Today, According to a 54-Year-Old

Everyone has a style era they gravitate toward. My sister loves the mod minis of the swinging '60s, my best friend loves '80s power shoulders, and my allegiance lies with the free-spirited '70s. From earth-toned leather, wide-leg flares, jumpsuits, and form-fitting turtlenecks, there’s something so effortless and innately cool about the styles and silhouettes of the decade of disco and social movement. Lucky for me, the '70s trends are back in full force for fall 2019. The decade's presence on the runways was unmistakable—from Michael Kors's Studio 54 vibes featuring shimmering disco dresses and platforms to Celine’s classically chic bourgeois '70s vibe replete with A-line skirts, culottes, neckerchiefs, and tweed blazers.

There are certain '70s trends that still hold up today that are actually super wearable. To dig a little deeper on the subject, we tapped 54-year-old fashion influencer Grece Ghanem, who was excited to share her '70s style wisdom with us. The style muse incorporates the '70 trends into her day-to-day wardrobe like a pro. Below she shares the '70s trends that are still impossibly chic in 2019.


"Tie-dye is an example of a trend from the '60s that lived well into the '70s. Today, tie-dye is not solely confined to a cotton tank. It has been elevated onto couture luxury fabrics as seen at Prada. It was also transformed onto denim as seen at Proenza Schouler. I love to pair a tie-dye tee with another print or bold color."

How to wear the '70s trend today



Earth Tones

"Earth tones dominated in the '70s—beige, rust, avocado, mustard yellow, and gold played together in prints and block colors. Today, this color palette remains a trendy fashion-girl favorite. I enjoy putting together warm monochromatic looks, like beige on beige."

Earthy Tones Are Trending for Fall




“Jumpsuits in funky prints and shimmering metallics were all the rage at discos and clubs in the '70s. Anyone who knows me will know I practically live in them—whether in an all-denim, check or even floral print. I love the effortless yet chic look it provides. I’ll never give them up! And lucky for me, the trend still holds up today.”

Platform Sandals

"No wonder they were popular in the '70s—platform sandals pair super well with bell-bottomed trousers. They were a huge trend on the fall 2019 runways and remain a comfortable choice today. They come in various prints, and fabrics. I personally love to pair them with an ankle-length silk dress."

How to Wear the '70s Trend in Fall 2019




"Pantsuits became very popular when women joined the workforce in the '70s. Masculine influences on tailored suits remain a must-have today. "

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