13 Things You Can Wear to That 4th of July BBQ

Love barbecues and days off work? Loathe novelty sunglasses and buying things you'll wear only once? Same—so let's all take a moment to appreciate how many of this summer's key H&M pieces are primed for effortless style come July 4. Below, you'll find our shopping shortlist: We're thinking red, white, and blue with just a hint of the '90s. (Can we all just agree now that the '90s were the heyday of both Americana style and Friends-era summer fashion? Great.)

This week, I caught up with Francis Lola to make some holiday-related puns (she's one of us) and talk low-key Fourth of July outfit ideas. Her qualifications? That flawless, eternally-off-duty look (that's earned her 300k+ style stalkers), her covetable collection of accessories (shop that oversize basket bag here), and the handy fact that she already has her Independence Day outfit picked out.

Francis's trademark casual-cool style is perfectly teamed with the kind of plans we can get on board with. "The Fourth of July is always crazy everywhere, I prefer to avoid crowds and lines—I'll be at my place cooking up some barbecue, making fresh guac, and getting (fireworks) lit with my favorite people." As for her look? It's really just a slight "Go USA!" take on her standard summer uniform of crop tops, shorts, and sneakers. Francis is particularly feeling what she calls "that '90s baby tank," to which we say: add to cart.