I Live in NYC, and These 26 Under-$80 Items Are on My Must-Buy List

Shockingly, New York in January is one of my favorite times of the year. Disclaimer: I have a rather strong bias in favor of summer. However, temperatures are still pretty moderate, the city is back from holiday, and there’s a contagious New Year energy lingering in the air. It’s as if a refresh button was hit, and as all refreshes typically warrant, I now have a new incentive to update my wardrobe.

While I’ve already invested most of my money in my seasonal must-haves and top fashion pieces, my must-buy list is still (and probably always will be) a little lengthy. A constant work in progress, my list consists of a range of winter survival pieces since it’s often hard to see past the freezing temperatures. There are also pieces that bring a glimpse of hope to the upcoming spring fashion trends.

Below are 26 items that are currently residing on my must-buy list and are all—drum roll, please—under $80. I’ve found that this price point hits a sweet spot, making a light wardrobe refresh fun and affordable, which is what shopping should be, right?

Worth buying the beige version as well? Absolutely.

The versatility of this pair of jeans won me over. Dress them up with kitten heels or pair with laid-back sneakers and they still mimic that cool vintage feeling. 

An easy fix if you’re feeling bored with your earring selection. 

Surprisingly, this little bag holds a lot of items, and when you're a New Yorker, having a bag that can essentially hold your life is crucial. 

It’s the year of the square-neck silhouette. 

Ditching my leather pants for this extremely affordable leather calf-length number. 

There's no such thing as too many boots when you live in NYC. 

Style hack: Layer multiple of these dainty necklaces and other styles for an effortless layered look. 

’Tis the season to wear Fair Isle sweaters. 

Sometimes you just need that cozy yet elevated basic. 

Easily the bag silhouette of the season. 

As one who (unfortunately) tends to lose my sunglasses throughout the city, the sunglass chain has become my new favorite accessory. 

I can't say no to subtle Western booties.

This vegan-certified faux-leather coat has been on my must-buy list for quite some time now. 

I’m already thinking of the myriad of ways in which I can style this blouse. 

Suddenly, I'm really into this light-green hue. 

It’s black and a layering piece. What else do you need to survive in NYC? 

This has multiple layers but one clasp. It’s the true New Yorker’s MO: Complex yet efficient. 

My new favorite trend is matching your dress to your hair scrunchie.

The knit dress has quickly become the beloved transitional piece in NYC.

Giving my go-to going-out top an update in the form of an asymmetrical neckline.

Up next, find out the spring trend that’s hitting sooner than expected.

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